Suit Up with the Nike Self Lacing Shoe Concept

Nike’s new self-lacing shoe concept are a little less basketball and a whole lot more Iron Man. The shoes are the newest part of Nike’s quest to create a self-lacing shoe, which includes efforts like the HyperAdapt 1.0 and the Marty McFly’s iconic shoes in Back to the Future II. The Carota Design doesn’t fall in the same vein as either, but it is a stunning model nonetheless.

nike self lacing shoe concept

The Carota Design has a hard shell appearance to it—hence the Iron Man look. The components of the shoe are more like pieces of armor, each with a smooth and glossy finish. The laces are go from the outsoles of the shoe to the front end and then to the heel. To tighten up the fit, all you have to do is twist the control on the back of the shoe, which pulls the front plate in tight. And when your feet need a little freedom, just twist the control in the opposite direction and the laces release.

back view nike shoe

Whether these shoes actually go into production or not remains a mystery, but as far as a concept goes, they’re innovative and cool—hopefully Nike is considering bringing them to the masses.

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