These Nike Air Jordan V: Fresh Prince Sneakers Spend Their Days on the Playground

The Nike Air Jordan V: Fresh Prince high tops take the story of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and apply them to shoes. When Will Smith parted ways with his West Philadelphia neighbourhood due to a playground confrontation (or so the song goes), he ended up in Bel Air—and he showed up wearing a pair of Air Jordan Vs. These new Air Jordan Vs take on the Prince’s famous colourways, with grape and teal decorating the outsole. The white uppers have no laces, but they do sport purple accents on the tongue. Wearers will also find custom pink and yellow insoles. The famous Jumpman Branding is prominently displayed throughout the shoe.

air jordan shoe side view

Smith took time from his schedule to put together an “unboxing” parody video, unveiling two pairs of sneakers. The first was the Fresh Prince shoe; the second was a limited edition—only 23 were made—a version done in a gold colourway. As a part of Smith’s 50th birthday celebrations, fans entered a draw for a chance to win not just a pair of the coveted gold kicks, but to also spend the day with the Fresh Prince.

top view air jordan shoes

The Air Jordan V: Fresh Prince shoes are available in retail and sell for USD$190.

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