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20 Best Watch Blogs and Websites

We’re mad about style, mad about gear,and today we’re mad about watch blogs and websites. A good watch isn’t just an extension of style; it’s an extension of you. So it pays to know what your watch says about you, right? That’s why we’ve decided to share with you a list of the best watch blogs and websites to fill your boots with the best timepiece news and information.

20 Best Watch Blogs and Websites

Before we delve into the list, a great app (for iPhone, Android and now a site) for you to keep up on all the latest Horology based news and information is Watchville. It’s something we can’t recommend enough, but we’ve also included a few extra Australian gems down below not included in the app. That being said, let’s get stuck into best watch blogs and websites.

HODINKEE website homepage screenshot


The HODINKEE writers go beyond the watch. Although the inner-workings of a watch are important – and they know them in and out – the real feel you get is about the story of the watch. They aim to put even the most expensive and sought after watches to the test to see how they really apply to life. Occasionally they crush them with supercars too, sorry not sorry.

Founder: Benjamin Clymer
Number of employees: 88 (2019)


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aBlogtoWatch website homepage screenshot
aBlogtoWatch | Image: aBlogtoWatch

2. aBlogtoWatch

One of the most read watch blogs in the world. aBlogtoWatch has something for everybody: seasoned aficionado, the casual fan or first-time watch buyer. No matter where you sit on the spectrum, you’ll always come away knowing more about your watch than you thought you ever could.

Founder: Ariel Adams
Founded: 2007


Man of Many - The Wind Up website page screenshot
Man of Many – The Wind Up | Image: Man of Many

3. Man of Many – The Wind Up

While Man of Many is not solely dedicated to watches, it makes up a big part of our content. Whether it’s a statement piece, a sentimental item, a lifetime of savings, or thing of beauty on your wrist, we love celebrating watches. In our Wind Up series, we cover the latest watch news from around the globe to keep you in the know with all things horology.

Founder: Scott Purcell, Frank Arthur
Founded: 2012

The Wind Up

Worn & Wound website homepage screenshot
Worn & Wound | Image: Worn & Wound

4. Worn & Wound

This is, by far, the most beautiful site on the list. Worn and Wound combine beautiful original photography, an easy to read tone and depth of watch knowledge to create a site you can’t help but enjoy. From the affordable to the extravagant. The collector to the newbie; and anyone in between. There is something you can most definitely enjoy.

Founder: Blake Malin, Zach Weiss, James Helms
Founded: 2011

Worn & Wound

Monochrome website homepage screenshot
Monochrome | Image: Monochrome

5. Monochrome

When it comes to fine watches, you expect a little bit of snobbery. That look down their nose whilst you try to understand just what the hell a constant force mechanism is. Not with Monochrome. They combine the luxury feel of fine watches with a simple to understand, made-to-stick, principles.

Founder: Frank Geelen
Founded: 2006


WatchTime website homepage screenshot
WatchTime | Image: WatchTime

6. WatchTime

Claiming the position as America’s number one watch blog is Watchtime. It’s a big claim but WatchTime definitely has the content to keep it at the top of the list. There’s no beating around the bush here. All watch content, all the time. And if you like what you read online, you can always subscribe to the print magazine too.

Founded: 1999


Fratello Watches website homepage screenshot
Fratello Watches | Image: Fratello Watches

7. Fratello Watches

Fratello Watches don’t just write about watches because it’s a hobby. They write about watches because it’s in their blood. Robert-Jan and his team provide opinionated pieces with a firm grounding in the real world. They might want to buy a Breguet Tradition by the end of the article, but they won’t kid you that you could afford it.

Founder: Robert-Jan “RJ” Broer
Founded: 2014

Fratello Watches

Time+Tide website homepage screenshot
Time+Tide | Image: Time+Tide

8. Time+Tide

A relatively young and new player to the game, Time+Tide was launched in 2014 out of Melbourne Australia as a watch media platform that spans online, social and print. It aims “to use storytelling as the new lingua franca to connect the magic and romance of mechanical timepieces with new and existing audiences.” In fewer words, we love what they are spitting out. The Editor Felix Scholz is also a regular contributor to HODINKEE.

Founder: Andrew McUtchen
Founded: 2014


Watches by sjx
Watches By SJX | Image: Watches By SJX

9. Watches By SJX

Su Jia Xian (also known as SJX) knows his shit about watches. This site is run solely by him and is based out of Singapore. Unlike some Asian horology sites, there is no language barrier here. Just clear facts, well presented with his passion shining through. For those of you at the top end of the horology spectrum, this blog is worth adding to your feed.

Founder: Su Jia Xian
Founded: 2011

Watches By SJX

Quill And Pad website homepage screenshot
Quill And Pad | Image: Quill And Pad

10. Quill And Pad

Quill and Pad do not sound like a name with anything to do with watches. Yet, it’s a blog that cares about nothing more. All of the contributors to Quill and Pad have professional experience in the industry and write from a purist point of view. They cover the latest trends, common questions and newest watches in an easy to access style.

Founder: Ian Skellern, Elizabeth Doerr
Founded: 2013

Quill and Pad

Watchonista website homepage screenshot
Watchonista | Image: Watchonista

11. Watchonista

Launched in Switzerland at a time long before the watch industry fully embraced digital communications, Watchonista is a global online magazine. The magazine is dedicated to covering the watch industry, watch collecting, and luxury lifestyle. Visitors to the website and social media channels are greeted with immersive content produced by a dynamic team of writers, editors, and content producers. With established foundations, Watchonista has expanded into the United States and global markets.

Founder: Alexander Friedman, Marco Gabella
Founded: 2009

Revolution website homepage screenshot
Revolution | Image: Revolution

12. Revolution

A complete celebration of watches. That’s the only way to describe Revolution; and that, I guess, is why it’s in their strapline. Their journalists not only discuss the watch itself but the history of the brand and what makes a watch good or bad. They pull no punches. But honesty is the best policy when it comes to reviewing finery.

Founder: Wei Koh
Founded: 2005


Haulogerie website homepage screenshot
Haulogerie | Image: Haulogerie

13. Haulogerie

So we’re a little biased with this watch blog if we’re honest, given it’s written by our resident watch expert and author of Man of Many’s The Wind Up, our Watch News column. But that’s not to take away from Dimitri and Haulogerie’s unique perspective on the world of Haute Horology. It’s a representation of his passion for all things watches and covers everything from new product releases, the latest events and even intricacies in the micro-world of mechanics from time to time (excuse the pun).


WATCHDAVID - THE WATCH BLOG website homepage screenshot


We’ve been long time fans and readers of WATCHDAVID. This watch blog has a focus on the watches and forgets the nonsense with in-depth reviews, guides and pictures of some of the best watches on the planet. You’ll be immediately drawn to the selection of quality pieces that include a few micro-brands thrown in for good measure. The most impressive part? Well, if you couldn’t tell from the pictures, David doubles as a professional photographer. Having shot images for many catalogues, trade shows, his Instagram and many boutiques. So if you can’t get enough of the interviews and reviews check out David’s Instagram below for daily updates, happenings and the best watch photography on the internet.


Deployant website homepage screenshot
Deployant | Image: Deployant

15. Deployant

Deployant appeals to the collector in you. They aren’t about having the best journalist writing about the best watch. Instead, they’re about letting you, as the collector, have your voice heard. By the collector, for the collector. Simple.

Founder: Peter Chong (co-founder)
Founded: 2014


Haute Time website homepage screenshot
Haute Time | Image: Haute Time

16. Haute Time

Have over $10,000 to spend on a watch? Or, just want to tease yourself with expensive watches? This site is perfect for you. It’s a world away from our 50 under $500 article, anyway. Haute doesn’t just see a luxury timepiece, they see a work of art. For those reviews that will make you salivate, this is worth a read.

Founder: Seth Semilof, Kamal Hotchandani
Founded: 2015

Haute Time

Wound For Life website homepage screenshot
Wound For Life | Image: Wound For Life

17. Wound For Life

Wound For Life definitely, have a passion for watches. But, it’s not the watches that will keep you here. It’s the boundless emotion and tales of adventure in their ‘Lessons In Wristory’ section that will keep you coming back for more. They show that the watch isn’t just cogs and springs, but a part of life.

Wound For Life

Watchville app on phone screen
Watchville | Image: Watchville

18. Watchville

At the start of the article, I spoke about Watchville. Founded by Kevin Rose out of his new venture, North Technologies, it is not only a great app for iPhone and Android, but he’s also just launched a wonderful online resource too. You can find the latest in horology news and reviews, as well as the most popular articles around the internet from many of the blogs we’ve mentioned above, all in the one simple place. It’s your one-stop-shop for anything you need to know about Watches.

Founder: Kevin Rose


Yeoman's Watch Review website homepage screenshot
Yeoman’s Watch Review | Image: Yeoman’s Watch Review

19. Yeoman’s Watch Review

Devoted to Japanese watches, predominantly Seiko, Yeoman’s Watch Review features tough watches that were made to last. With consistently good up-close snapshots of the timepieces and impressive info on some rare and interesting pieces, this is the one to check out if you love the way Japanese watches are built to cop a flogging.

Yeoman’s Watch Review

WatchAdvice website screenshot website homepage screenshot
WatchAdvice | Image: WatchAdvice

20. WatchAdvice

Brisbane-based watch blog WatchAdvice is one of the more localised offerings on the list. The Aussie-run site provides a wealth of information on the big Swiss manufacturers, along some of the more unknown releases on the market. If you are an Aussie horological fan, this might the watch blog for you.

Founder: Chamath Gamage


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