The Richard Mille Sylvester Stallone Watch is Set to Draw First Blood

Richard Mille’s Sylvester Stallone Watch will dominate your wrist, much like the iconic actor dominates on the silver screen. Richard Mille SA is a brand of luxury Swiss watches founded by its namesake and partner Dominique Guenat, CEO of Valgine Watches in collaboration with Audemars Piguet. The company has been around since 1999 and has produced many high-end watches. Richard Mille also sponsors many athletes and is endorsed by even more celebrities.

richard mille front side view

The Sylvester Stallone Watch—the RM 25-01—is a complicated watch fit for the extremes, but what would you expect for a watch inspired by an actor noted for portraying characters that are complicated and extreme? The RM 25-01 is 50.85mm wide and has a case of carbon TPT and titanium. The movement is powered by a tourbillon-equipped titanium competition chronograph with 24-hour time display. But this wouldn’t be Rambo’s watch if not for the included compass. The compass is part of a separate and removable bezel. When not mounted on the watch via a bayonet mount, the compass can be mounted to an orienteering map plate (you can mount a 24-hour navigation bezel in its place on the watch). It includes a mirror in the cover so that you can take readings and has a spirit level mounted to the side to improve accuracy when reading the compass. The watch also includes a hermetically sealed cache of water purification tablets.

Check it out

richard mille clockwork

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