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The Wind Up – Watch News #109

Another week has come and gone, and that means another round-up of all the latest watches in our Wind Up series. In this week’s instalment we have watches from the likes of Bell & Ross, Chronoswiss and MB&F, along with a handful of exceptional watchmakers. So, as always gents, sit back and enjoy!

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Bell & Ross Vintage V2 Military Beige Chronograph

With its sand-beige coloured dial clad in an ultra-wearable 41mm wide stainless-steel case, Bell & Ross’ Vintage V2 Military Beige Chronograph is, from the outset at least, a very attractive package. The addition of the red dial hints emphasises the theme of vintage-wear, and while the use of a fairly stock-standard ebauche movement is less than ideal, overall I find that the Vintage V2 Military Beige Chronograph has wonderful appeal throughout. As an owner of a similarly styled Bell & Ross chronograph, I can attest personally to its quality and feel. And the Vintage V2 Military Beige Chronograph looks to be no different. Exceptional stuff.

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Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Open Gear ReSec

Blue is watchmaking’s new black. And Chronoswiss have hopped onto that bandwagon with the Flying Grand Regulator Open Gear ReSec. With a case made of stainless-steel with a DLC coating giving off a super sharp, Electric Blue look, the Flying Grand Regulator Open Gear ReSec is striking to say the least. The blue look of the case extends to the expansive dial and Chronoswiss’ iconic onion crown, too. Verging on being too blue, there does seem to be enough colour differentiation and differing shades throughout the watch to minimise the risk of a wash out. Fans of blue watches and blue in general will be hard-pressed to find something as blue as the Flying Grand Regulator Open Gear ReSec.

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MB&F LM2 Red Gold & Blue

Now available in a red gold case and blue dial (not in response to Chronoswiss’s blue piece above!), MB&F’s ultra technical LM2 has had a new lease of life. Not necessarily a unique colour pairing, gold and blue is trendy and stylish, not only in watchmaking. This new model of the LM2 reminds me of something that is a bit more in-tune with the world of high fashion while still remaining faithful to its horological roots. MB&F’s dual flying balance wheels are still the centrepiece of the LM2, except this time it has a backdrop that is slightly more design-inspired. At 148,000CHF and limited to only 12-pieces, the LM2 is both super expensive and super exclusive, but super desirable nonetheless.

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Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT SBGE248

Grand Seiko seems to be synonymous with quality, and the Spring Drive GMT SBGE248 is a prime example of that. Now available with a yellow gold bezel and off-centre crown with a blue dial and bezel insert, it seems that the Spring Drive GMT SBGE248 is Grand Seiko’s attempt at pushing its way further into the super competitive market space that Rolex has occupied for such a long period of time. Irrespective of that, the Spring Drive GMT SBGE248 does have some pretty cool qualities. The dial looks perfect. A difficult thing to say, I know. But from what I can see there is virtually nothing that I can nit-pick at. Sometimes the pairing of golds and blues can be a touch tacky, but in the case of the Spring Drive GMT SBGE248 Grand Seiko have definitely hit the nail on its head with respect to its design.

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Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramic

Featuring a sandblasted matte black ceramic case and a deep army-green dial, the Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramic is as stealthy as it is cool. The blend of blacks and greens makes the Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramic a very approachable, very wearable watch. Easily paired with a casual to a smart casual outfit, the Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramic is well versed for a variety of environments and occasions. Powered by an in-house movement which only boosts the Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramic’s appeal, daily wearability is perhaps the watch’s greatest attribute. I love the idea of wearing something as low-key as a matte black ceramic watch with a dark green dial, and the Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramic fits the bill perfectly.

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Armin Strom Minute Repeater Resonance

Last, but certainly not least, is the Minute Repeater Resonance from one of my favourite independent watchmakers, Armin Strom. Having paved the way for a very unique, very modern and very recognisable aesthetic, Armin Strom has pulled out all the stops in preparation for the Minute Repeater Resonance. This is the world’s first and only watch to combine a chiming mechanism (in this case a minute repeater) with a resonance complication. A difficult task to say the least, and one that really should shed some light onto just how capable Armin Strom is a true high-end watchmaking. Priced at 380,000CHF and limited to only 10-pieces, the Minute Repeater Resonance is a true aficionados piece. With some very deep pockets.

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