Richard Mille RM 52-05 Pharrell Williams watch

The Wind Up – Watch News #127

In the next instalment of our weekly series focusing on all the new watch releases of the week, The Wind Up, we have a handful of new pieces from the likes of Richard Mille, Bremont and Vacheron Constantin. So, as always gents, enjoy!

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Longines Heritage Military 1938

Based on a watch from the Interwar period, the new Heritage Military 1938 from Longines is a brilliant rendition of a piece from a bygone era. Featuring an expansive black dial, faux-patina hands and hour numerals, along with a hand-wound movement, the Heritage Military 1938 is everything you could ever want in a military-inspired watch. Limited to only 1,938 pieces, the Heritage Military 1938 is a nod to just how capable a watchmaker Longines is. Love it.

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Bremont 1947 Limited Edition watch with vibrant, artistic dial showcasing day and date, from The Wind Up – Watch News #127.

Bremont 1947 Collection

Created in collaboration with the iconic Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, the, 1947 Collection features a unique set of 47 limited edition watches, each featuring a hand-painted dial by the famed musician. Each piece of the 1947 Collection contains all the hallmarks of a Bremont timepiece. Sound build quality. Exceptional mechanics. And a level of durability that is unrivalled. Coupled with the unique nature and characteristics of a hand-painted dial by a musical icon, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a watch.

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Richard Mille RM 52-05 Pharrell Williams

Another piece produced in collaboration with a famous musician, this time by Richard Mille, is the RM 52-05 Pharrell Williams. Inspired by the concepts of space and Mars, both celestial interests of the acclaimed musician, the RM 52-5 featurings an artist dial depicting an astronaut’s helmet along with the reflection of what must be the Mars’ surface. The case is made of brown Cermet, a combination of titanium and ceramic, and compliments the earthy (no pun intended) tones of the dial. Priced at if you have to ask…

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NOMOS Glashutte Tangente midnight blue

Available in two sizes, a unisex 35mm and a male-oriented 38mm, the Tangente midnight blue is the new piece to be added to the NOMOS Glashutte family of watches. The smaller version features gold accents, a brilliant “midnight blue” dial, while the larger 38mm version of course features the same dial, except it has silver hands and typography. Both pieces are encased in stainless steel and both feature a unique simplicity that NOMOS Glashutte have grown infamous for.

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IWC Extends its Limited Warranty From Two to Eight Years

In what is perhaps an industry first, IWC has introduced an eight year limited warranty period for its beloved timepieces. Since 1903, the “Probus Scafusia” seal has been featured on IWC’s watches, embodying the tenets of quality and longevity of the products. This is an exciting revelation and I’m sure that many would-be buyers of an IWC product will be enticed further by this offer. Mechanical watches are neither cheap to purchase nor to service, so having this lengthy warranty period offers the consumer some peace of mind. Well done, IWC.

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Vacheron Constantin Overseas Now with a Black Dial

Vacheron Constantin has unveiled two new additions to the ever-expanding Overseas collection. Both pieces feature a translucent black-toned lacquered dial, giving the piece a more lowkey look. The first piece is the Overseas Lady Quartz which features a diamond-encrusted bezel. The second piece is the Overseas Dual Time. Based on the new dual-time model from Vacheron Constantin, this black variation is a charming addition that is available with a stainless steel bracelet, along with a black Mississippiensis alligator leather and black rubber strap.

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