19 Home Bike Racks & Bike Hangers To Make Your Bicycle a Work of Art

If you’re a cyclist living in the big smoke, you’re likely familiar with the problem of finding space to store your beloved bicycle. Enter the trusty home bike hanger or bike rack. But not just any home bike rack. You want a home bicycle rack or bike wall hanger that’s both functional and aesthetically sound. As you might be aware, that can be rare combination when it comes to home bike racks. The good news is that we’ve done the searching for you. Here are our top 19 Home Bike Hangers & Racks to Make Your Bicycle a Work of Art.

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vadolibero bike shelf

Vadolibero Bike Shelf

This massive home bike rack compensates for the lack of furniture in your bachelor pad. With customizable drawers and shelves, it stores all of your bike accessories. The included clothes rack doubles as an LED light, adding an alluring glow to your parked bicycle.

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fluo wooden bike hook released

Fluo Wooden Bike Hook

Two plain oak hooks instal into concrete, masonry, or brick walls to create a stable home bike hanger of formidable functionality. The kit includes hooks and shelf supports with the dowels you’ll need to transform your wall into a space-saving bike haven.

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woodstick ltd iceberg

“Iceberg” by Woodstick Ltd.

This home bike wall hanger looks more like a sculpture than a functional holder of your 10-speed. But rest assured, the combination of oak wood and birch creates a durable home bicycle rack. Choose between brown oak/chestnut or cold black oak/chestnut burl to match your existing decor.

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gorgeous artifox black walnut rack

Artifox Black Walnut Rack

Defy gravity and store your cycle vertically with this black walnut home bike rack. A solid hardwood construction and powder coated steel ensure that it can hold nearly any size or style of bike. The small hook at the top holds the bike in place.

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new alexa lethen bike hook

Alexa Lethen Bike Hook

The great thing about this home bike rack is that it is removable. That’s right, when you’re not using it, you can take the hooks off of the knobs that attach to the wall so you don’t accidentally decapitate yourself walking across the room. The bent steel wire can hold up to 15 kg.

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woodstick ltd elk

“Elk” by Woodstick Ltd.

Love random hunks of wood? Then you’ll love this oak wood bike hanger that comes in either brown or natural. Give your apartment that rustic feel with this rack that only requires three screws to install on any wall type.

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twonee berlin look

Twonee Berlin

Keep your MTB, BMX, and other wide frame bikes secured with this wooden home bike rack. It doubles as a functional shelf, making it perfect for books or other knickknacks. A strong ash construction means this rack can manage bikes up to 18 kg.

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velo cabinets vii released

Velo Cabinets VII

Not such a handyman? This bike hanger only requires two holes to install and includes all the materials you need. Its modern design looks ultra chic on your wall, which might even impress the ladies and distract them from the rest of your mess.

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method stasis

Method Stasis

Not for the faint of heart, this home bike rack needs its own room to sit in (it was made for a museum). The massive structure is made entirely of copper and took 30 hours to complete. We’re pretty sure this will cost more than your bike, so just keep on dreaming.

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twonee amsterdam

Twonee Amsterdam

Just looking for a simple white bike hanger without bells and whistles? This ash bike holder is it! It can hold up to 20 kg and fits bike frames up to 54 cm wide. Installation is a snap, as it only requires three dowel nails to hang securely.

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velo cabinets vi

Velo Cabinets VI

For the guy that likes to accessorize his bike, this crafty wooden shelf helps you keep everything organized. Shove your gloves and pump safely inside the beech wood cabinet. A rounded slot on the top of the box keeps your bike in place.

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mikili slît

Mikili SLÎT

If you’re still dubious about a home bike rack taking up too much space, your fears can now be quenched. This cleverly designed rack folds up when not in use to be nearly flat against the wall, preventing accidental bumps and bruises.

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mikili tîan

Mikili TÎAN

At first glance, this bike hanger is just a box attached to your wall. It is only upon closer inspection that you’ll see the recessed felt overlay that securely keeps your bike in place. Combined with the storage drawer, you can’t beat the simplicity and function of this MDF bike rack.

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mikili kappo

Mikili KAPPÔ

While it might look like it was made by someone who doesn’t understand what a rectangle is, this home bike rack is actually one of the best inventions ever. It keeps your bike safely elevated while also providing storage for your helmet and magazines.

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michelangelo two bike gravity stand

Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand

For those with more than one bike in their collection, you’ll require this nifty two bike stand. The best part about this stand is… no installation! Just lean it against the wall and let gravity take over from there.

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quartertwenty velo wallstirrups released

Quartertwenty Velo WallStirrups

Not ready for some crazy wall contraption? Stick with the simplicity of this home bike rack. It combines a maple plywood shelf and one pair of brackets to create a simple way to display your bike.
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new knife & saw bike shelf

Knife & Saw Bike Shelf

Wood grain shines through beautifully in this hollow bike shelf. Choose from a walnut or white oak construction depending on your preferences. This home bicycle rack also comes in small and regular sizes depending on how big your bike is.

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supper quarterre shadow

Quarterre Shadow

If you’re afraid of poking holes in your wall yet you still want a bike holder, compromise with this metal bike stand. Crafted from a single sheet of folded steel, it basically works just like the bike stand you see at the park but looks a lot better.

quarterre hood

Quarterre Hood

The modern look of this folded steel bike stand makes it perfect for those with a stylish eye. The bike sits securely underneath the shelf on a layer of leather trim, leaving the top open for stacking books or a helmet.

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