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Man of Many Mental Health Hub

From work to family and everything in between, the pressures of everyday life can be overwhelming. Instead of sliding into autopilot mode and trudging on, take the time to assess. It’s ok to feel a little…flat.

Man of Many is throwing our support behind the organisations and movements breaking down the stigmas of mental health. Here, we’ve put together an extensive list of resources, insights and advice from leading mental health professionals, clinical psychologists and experts on coping with the new norm. Why? Because everyone deserves to feel supported.

Check-in with your mates, have the tough conversations and put your pride on the backburner. Don’t just speak up. Speak out.





The Most Important Question You’ll Ever Ask

What it really means to ask those three little words.

2 how to see a therapist

Considering Seeing a Therapist? Here’s How to Get a Mental Health Plan

A step-by-step guide on how to see a therapist or psychologist for the first time.
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A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

When you need to tune out and take some time for yourself. Here’s how to do it
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1 how to check in on your mates

After the Question: A Guide to Checking in On Your Mates

Asking the question is great, but where to next? How to letting your friends know you’re there.
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Lockdown mental health checklist 3

The Lockdown Mental Health Checklist Every Australian Needs to Read

A five-step checklist you can use to assess your mental health status.
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How to boost energy naturally a sports scientists guide

How to Boost Energy Naturally: A Sports Scientist’s Guide

A healthy and natural solution for boosting energy levels and mood.
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The most important muscle we never work out

The Most Important Muscle We Never Work Out

Why you should add an effective brain workout to your health regime.
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Find a rat 1

The Online Tool That Shows Rapid Antigen Tests Near You

The handy site that shows where to find a Rapid Androgen Test near you
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5 ways to help overcome social distancing anxiety

5 Ways To Help Overcome Social Distancing Anxiety

If lockdown is making you feel isolated, you aren’t alone.
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If this article has raised concerns for you or you are concerned that someone is struggling, help is available. There is hope. Please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.