Our Top 10 Tech Stories in 2019

It was hard to keep up with all the new tech in 2019, but that didn’t stop us from trying. As anyone who follows us can attest, we covered new gadgets and new versions of old gadgets alike. When innovative products were unleashed at CES 2019, we were there. All year round, meanwhile, we kept our eyes and ears peeled for the latest and greatest releases from Apple, Google, Samsung, and any other major brand.

We also continued our popular gaming setup and gear series, highlighting Ninja, Stewie2k, and numerous others. That’s in addition to our reviews of wireless headphones, home automation systems, impossibly small power banks, and so much more. We do it all for you, dear reader. Okay, we do it for us, too.

Of course, not all tech is created equal and neither is all coverage. With that in mind, we present our top tech stories of 2019. Get on it!


1. 50+ Minimalist iPhone Wallpapers

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2. Google Chromecast Concept Takes Notes from Apple TV

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3. New Motorola Razr is Bringing Back the Flip Phone

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4. A Beginners Guide to Home Automation

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5. 2020 iPhone Concept Gives Reasons to Wait on Upgrading

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6. Are Sennheiser’s New Momentum Noise-Cancelling Headphones the Smartest on the Market?

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7. Zendure’s SuperMini 10,000mAh Power Bank is Impossibly Small Yet Powerful

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8. 14 Best Products of CES 2019

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9. Ninja’s Fortnite Gaming Setup, Settings & Gear

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10. 5 Reasons Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is Worth the Upgrade

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