How To Become a Morning Person

Written in collaboration with Nespresso

We live in an era of hard data when it comes to personal health, and perhaps no lifestyle arena has yielded such consistent scientific results as that of how we sleep. The consensus is in: routine is everything. Rather, those who get about 7-8 hours of sleep a night and sustain regular patterns are much better off than those who don’t.

Similarly, those who maintain consistent morning rituals are more likely to remain mentally balanced and energised throughout the day than those who don’t. And while being a “morning person” might not make the difference between life and death, it very well could make a major difference in your quality of life. That’s why we’re here to help make you a morning person.

Nespresso has broken morning people down into five archetypes.

nespresso has broken morning people

The Weekender

Pragmatic types who do what’s necessary to get through the week with a smile on their face while looking most forward to lifestyle activities outside of work.

The Snoozer

Lackadaisical types who crave those extra five minutes of sleep to the point where they have to rush out of bed and into their clothes so as not to be late for work.

The Early Achiever

Ambitious types who rise early to get a head start on their day while the competition sleeps.

The Mover

Energetic types who maintain certain morning exercise routines to sustain optimal fitness and alertness.

The Zen Hunter

Balanced types who rise early and carve out personal time away from distractions to nurture a peaceful state of mind.

lackadaisical types who crave those extra minutes of sleep

Are You A Snoozer?

Among the archetypes, one is more erratic and prone to failure than the others. Did you guess which one (as if it’s not incredibly obvious)? It’s the snoozer.

More than any other archetype, the snoozer is by far the most self-defeating. Let’s put things in perspective: In my university days, all my classes started in the afternoon, so I was accustomed to sleeping in seven days a week. After graduating, I got a ‘real job’ and suddenly had to try to wake up at 6:30 AM daily. Even when going to bed early of a night, my arm stretched out for that snooze button each and every morning. I simply cherished the extra few minutes of sleep – anything to avoid getting up and starting the day.

As the years have passed I’ve gradually come to realise the importance of a good start to the day. I can now proudly say that my snoozer tendencies have been tamed for the most part… But every so often, that old guilty pleasure creeps back up on me. It creeps up on us all.

We’ve all experienced those cold winter mornings where the warmth of our blankets make the snooze button oh so irresistible. We’ve all been late for a morning meeting as the result of slipping in an extra bit of shut-eye. And as blissful as that additional half hour of sleep may be, it’s easy for a morning to descend into chaos. When this becomes a regular habit the following is true: a snoozer may easily become a procrastinator who ends up hitting the snooze button on every task in their life.

In an ironic twist, the pursuit of rest can easily become an enabler of a high-stress lifestyle, which in turn makes it increasingly more difficult to relax.

becoming a morning person

Becoming a Morning Person

You know you’re in for a rough day when your morning begins and you barely have time to toss on an outfit. Couldn’t fit in a shower either? Deodorant will mask the scent, but it won’t eradicate mayhem. No matter what, by the time you get to work you’ll still be exhausted, as your neurotransmitters are basically scurrying about trying to find a sense of balance. In effect, you end up playing catch up throughout the workday, which inevitably yields less productivity.

nespresso coffee drink maker

To get the most out of your day, the simple act of taking time to centre yourself mentally can have quite a positive effect on the rest of your day.

nespresso coffee drinkers actually make time to enjoy

Patterns can be broken–if Pavlov could do it with his dog there is definitely hope for the common snoozer in us all. What’s critical is that the snoozer pursues the morning ritual of an alternate archetype. If such an endeavour sounds like a chore, we have a fairly economic and even rewarding place to start: by taking a “quality coffee moment” at home before the day begins. Enjoying a fresh coffee for a few minutes every morning before doing anything else can do you wonders.

nespresso range of grand cru coffees

Let’s break down the numbers. According to recent studies, 83% of Australians drink coffee. Among those coffee drinkers, 81% consider a cup of coffee integral to starting their day. However, only a little more than half of Australia’s coffee drinkers actually make time to enjoy their coffee in the morning before doing anything else. So while a snoozer might gulp their coffee down on the way to work, they’re not taking time to stop and enjoy their coffee moment in full – truly appreciating the finer details that help set you up for a quality day. Such as how your coffee tastes, smells, feels; helping you to discover the 900 aromas found in coffee.

 nespresso has recently launched the intense envivo lungo


For those snoozer types out there determined to get ahead in the world, we cannot place enough value on taking a few minutes every morning to get out of bed and enjoy a good cup of coffee for its own sake. Ensure that you take the time to appreciate the details in life and value quality in your surroundings. In celebration of truly embracing these moments, Nespresso has recently launched the intense Envivo Lungo – this ideal breakfast coffee has been designed by Nespresso Coffee Experts for your morning ‘me’ time. With every sip it reveals its roasted notes and rich scent reminiscent of aromatic woods and gingerbread, helping you to relax, unwind and to truly stop and taste its unique aromas. To help aid the transition we highly recommend trying Nespresso’s range of Grand Cru coffees. Exploring the Grand Cru range will enable you to find the ideal accompaniment to help you re-prioritise your morning routine in order to achieve the mental readiness that will keep you balanced throughout the day.

What’s ultimately most important is that you take a little time in the morning to sip and relax so that you’re not always playing catch up. With the help of a quality “coffee moment” you can forget about the snooze button, find your centre, become a morning person and conquer the day.

Learn more about Nespresso Envivo Lungo.