A Rare Cask: Plantation Guyana 1999 “Extreme” No 2 Rum

Plantation Rum is the name behind some of the rarest (and tastiest) expressions of sugarcane champagne money can buy, and with this seriously delicious (and hard-to-come-by) release, they’re proving that they’re still the best name for quality rums from the world over, that’d you’d otherwise not get the chance to try.

Bottled under their “Extrême” labelling, which is reserved for single casks that display particularly exceptional qualities after extensive ageing, this is a 1999 distillation from Guyana, which, when pulled out of their cellars, proved that it was worthy of the moniker.

While the master blender is usually found tasting multiple casks, so that he (or she) may mix them together to help create a consistent product, here, they select the very occasional barrel when it is found, to be bottled as is. Lacking in balance or finesse, these expressions are favoured for their ability to display the terroir of a producer in their natural state, and are not the same as your average bottling.

Getting your hands on a bottle of this is going to be pretty bloody tricky, but well worth it.

Check it out

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