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Two stacks dram in a can in hand

This ‘Dram in a Can’ is an Irish Whiskey Pocket Rocket

If you love a glass of quality Irish whiskey, but you’re sick of carrying around a bottle when you head out, check out this canned spirit from Two Stacks. This little pocket rocket squeezes 100ml of 43% (86 proof) non-chill filtered blended Irish whiskey into a tiny ‘Dram in a Can’ and they pack a punch with 3.4 standards.

Don’t confuse them for a watered-down pre-mixed whiskey cocktail, these little guys are nothing but straight whiskey and are available at Dan Murphy’s in a four-pack for AUD$45.99.

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Two stacks dram in a can pouring into a glass
Two Stacks ‘Dram in a Can’ | Image: Supplied

We’re not going to pretend like the liquid inside is the purest expression, but the canned dram tastes pretty good. Five main elements build the flavour profile:

  • 40% Dark Grain: Aged in Virgin Oak Casks
  • 40% Light Grain: Aged in Bourbon Casks
  • 8% Pot Still: Aged in Oloroso Sherry Casks
  • 10% Double Malt: aged in Bourbon Casks
  • 2% Peated Malt: aged in Bourbon Casks

The result is an honest representation of what Irish whiskey can taste like without verging on the weird and wonderful expressions we love. Expect Jameson-like flavours with honey, caramel, and a little hint of peat smoke on the finish. It’s not going to win any awards, but it’s a canned whiskey for crying out loud.

There’s also a sustainability element to the ‘Dram in a Can’ with the cans themselves weighing only 22g (8x lighter than conventional miniature 5cl glass bottles). “We are committed to establishing fresh benchmarks of excellence in Irish whiskey while promoting sustainability and accessibility in every facet of our endeavours,” said co-founder Shane McCarthy.

Dram in can
Two Stacks ‘Dram in a Can’ | Image: Supplied

“Our distinctive method of collaboration with premier distilleries across Ireland empowers us to craft and present unprecedented expressions of whiskey while also meeting our goal of cutting our carbon footprint and innovating sustainable practices within the industry.”

“Our Dram in a Can has set a benchmark in sustainable packaging, offering Australians an affordable Irish whiskey drinking experience while also offsetting our carbon emissions. We’re thrilled that Australians can experience our products in an environmentally friendly way.”

If you want to get your hands on a ‘Dram in a Can’ and give them a red hot crack, check out Dan Murphy’s link below where you can pick up a four-pack for AUD$45.99.

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