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A Smoky Celebration: Ardbeg Wants to Awaken Your Christmas Spirit

In Partnership with Ardbeg

Around the Man of Many office, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without an outstanding bottle of whisky to share. For that reason, if Santa knows what’s good for him, he’ll be climbing down our chimney—or rather taking a ride up in our elevator—with a bottle of Ardbeg tucked under his arm. As an elite and award-winning whisky-maker (securing 43 awards in 2023 alone), Ardbeg has long made some of the most highly giftable drams we’ve ever come across, and if anything the iconic distillery has bumped things up a notch or two this year, putting in the work to ensure we can all enjoy a very merry Christmas indeed. 

So if there’s a whisky enthusiast on your list of people to buy for—or if said whisky enthusiast happens to be your good self—we’ve made things a little easier by collecting some of the finest whiskies one could hope to make a Christmas toast with below. Just remember, the following deals are available exclusively to members of the Ardbeg Committee. But never fear, you can sign up here!

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Ardbeg Collection

Add Some Ardbeg to Your Advent Calendar

Never a distillery to do things the conventional way, Ardbeg is the perfect way to introduce a little peaty goodness to your Christmas celebrations. With its cult following made up of devotees to the smoky dram, its offerings have always been a fascinating contemplation of what’s possible within the world of whisky if you throw caution to the wind and really lean into the peat. Also known as “The Untamed Spirit of Islay”, the introduction of a little Ardbeg will certainly help set the Christmas Spirit free. Here are some of our top Christmas picks from the master of smoke. 

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Ardbeg BizzareBQ with BBQ Rub | Image: Ardbeg

Ardbeg BizzareBQ with BBQ Rub

The distillery’s first ever barbecue-inspired whisky, the BizzareBQ is the result of a collaboration between Ardbeg’s master distiller, Dr Bill Lumsden, and that great man of the grill, Christian Stevenson (AKA DJ BBQ). The pair managed to capture this dram’s signature combination of sweet, tangy, and smoky layers by toasting a selection of three casks: double charred oak casks, Pedro Ximénez sherry casks, and BBQ casks. The final result is ideal for sipping while manning the tongs on Christmas Day. Plus, it comes with a jar of Ardbeg’s wonderfully smoky and spicy BBQ Rub for good measure. Price: AUD$145

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Ardbeg 8 Years Old with Tumbler | Image Ardbeg

Ardbeg 8 Years Old with Tumbler

How do you make an already irresistible bottle of whisky even more tempting? Pair it with a stylish Ardbeg tumbler, that’s how. For a limited time this big, youthful whisky that the distillery describes as “deliberately challenging” (we’d simply call it deliciously intense) comes with the handsome piece of glassware pictured above, serving as the perfect receptacle for this whisky’s fascinating hints of fennel and celery mixed with woodsmoke. It also makes for a perfect Christmas gift for the peaty purist in your life. Price: AUD$115

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Monsters of Smoke Trio Gift Set | Image: Ardbeg

Monsters of Smoke Trio Gift Set

When one smoky single-malt whisky isn’t enough of a Christmas treat, reach for Ardbeg’s Monsters of Smoke Trio Gift Set. It features the distillery’s flagship Ardbeg Ten Years Old, the “feisty and youthful” Ardbeg Five Years Old Wee Beastie, and Ardbeg An Oa, an intriguingly complex Islay scotch that’s been finished in three different cask varieties. And for some added fun, each collectable bottle is decorated with a unique artwork that’s hiding just beneath the label. Simply peel to reveal. Price: AUD$99.95

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Ardbeg Single Cask No. 3063 Signed by Dr Bill | Image: Ardbeg

Ardbeg Single Cask No. 3063 Signed by Dr Bill

It’s not often that a distillery of Ardbeg’s renown launches an Australian exclusive, so this release is very special. Filled on 19th October 2011, this rare dram was created during a period of intense experimentation at Ardbeg HQ, which saw master distiller Dr Bill Lumsden attempting to create a malt with a new flavour profile by filling casks at higher alcohol levels than normal. The final result is nothing short of a triumph, serving up a unique herbal complexity that will have you feeling festive in no time. Price: AUD$940 

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Ardbeg 19YO Traigh Bhan Bundle Collection (Batches 3-5) with Flask | Image: Ardbeg

Ardbeg 19YO Traigh Bhan Bundle Collection (Batches 3-5) with Flask

Drawing inspiration from Islay’s Traigh Bhan (pronounced tri-van) beach, this extremely limited collection—only 15 available—mimics the waves lapping on the shore via the lull and crescendo of its intense layers of flavour. Making it an even more special gift, this collection groups all three years (2021, 2022, and 2023) for the first time, with a complimentary Ardbeg leather hip flask serving as the perfect finishing touch. Price: AUD$1,200

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Ardbeg Single Cask No. 3063 Signed by Dr Bill | Image: Ardbeg

It doesn’t matter which of the above whiskies you choose to gift, share, and savour this festive season, you can’t go wrong with a dram from this remarkable distillery. There’s simply no one better positioned to provide the ultimate peaty pairing for your Christmas feast! Explore the full Ardbeg range via the link below.