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17 best alcohol delivery services in australia

17 Best Alcohol Delivery Services in Australia

There is nothing worse than running out of booze at a backyard party. When you reach your hand into the esky and feel nothing but cool ice within your grasp, the internal fear sinks in and realise that you are about to tasked with a near-mythical quests to source a new slab. That is, unless you get one of the country’s many alcohol delivery services to do it for you.

While it may seem like a recent trend, the truth is that alcohol delivery services were already on the rise before the pandemic supercharged their popularity. Now, these platforms are ramping up operations and staffing to meet the soaring demand. If you’re searching for the best alcohol delivery options in Australia, you’re in the right place. Dive into our curated list of the top services, and treat yourself to quality beverages while staying safe at home. Here’s to enjoying your drinks, the Aussie way!

Best Alcohol Delivery Services at a Glance

A pair of hands holding a Whisky Loot box
Whisky subsciption service Whisky Loot | Image: Whisky Loot

1. Whisky Loot

  • Delivers to: Australia-wide
  • The Deal: Top-shelf whisky worth $380 for only $59 per month.

One of Australia’s best alcohol delivery services, Whisky Loot offers exceptional drams in bite-sized pieces. The business delivers three premium and hand-selected whisky tasters from around the world each month. If you’re are just starting out on your whisky journey, Whisky Loot can give you the tools to be swirling like a pro.

jimmy brings alcohol delivery
Jimmy Brings is one of the best alcohol delivery services in Australia | Image: Jimmy Brings

2. Jimmy Brings

  • Delivers to: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast
  • Delivery hours for Sydney: Mon-Sat 11:30AM-11:30PM, Sun 11:30AM- 10:30PM
  • App available on: Apple Store and Google Play

True to form, Jimmy Brings booze and in about 30 minutes flat! Serving a number of major areas, this alcohol delivery service goes the extra mile in terms of convenience. Both the website and alcohol delivery app couldn’t be more accessible if they tried. All that’s left to do is peruse, click (or tap), and wait about half an hour for your beverages to arrive.

box with dan murphy's logo in front of doorstep
Dan Murphy’s | Image: Dan Murphy’s

3. Dan Murphys

  • Delivers to: select areas in states all across Australia
  • Delivery Now hours for Sydney: Mon-Sun 9AM-6PM
  • App available on: Apple Store and Google Play

One of Australia’s foremost hubs for all things booze, Dan Murphys offers contactless delivery as it adjusts to changing protocols. If you live in a metro area, place your order through Delivery Now during certain hours and expect it to arrive in two hours or less. People in rural areas will have to wait much longer due to high demand. No matter where you live, we suggest putting a big list together before putting that order in. In-store pick-ups are also available.

hand holding a phone showing BWS delivery app with bottle of wine, glasses, and paper bag in the background
BWS Alcohol Delivery Service | Image: BWS

4. BWS Alcohol Delivery Service

  • Delivers to: select areas in states all across Australia
  • Store hours for Sydney: Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM, Sat 8AM-5PM, Sun 11AM-5PM
  • App available on: Apple Store and Google Play

When you Google “alcohol near me,” BWS is probably the first thing that pops up and with good reason, as there are over 1300 locations throughout Australia. The company offers an efficient same-day alcohol delivery service, which allows you to track your order in real-time through the BWS alcohol, wine and beer delivery app. Spend over AU$100 and they’ll even get rid of the $10 delivery fee. You can also avoid that fee by picking up your alcohol in-store. It doesn’t get any easier than this, folks.

assorted alcohol and milkrun paper bag on white background
MILKRUN alcohol delivery service | Image: MILKRUN


  • Delivers to: Nationwide, with same-day delivery to over 200 selected suburbs in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra
  • App available on: Apple Store and Google Play

The ultra-fast grocery delivery service has returned and this time, alcohol is on the menu. MILKRUN now offers same-day alcohol delivery across over 200 selected suburbs in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, courtesy of a partnership with Woolworths. You simply order through the MILKRUN app and the products will be delivered to your day, in an average time of just 33 minutes. So, if your party is running short on supplies and you need drinks in a hurry, MILKRUN may well be your best best.

different drop logo on wine barrel
Different Drop is one of the best wine delivery services in Australia | Image: Different Drop

6. Different Drop

  • Delivers to: all across Australia with Express delivery available in Sydney
  • App available on: no app

Brought to you by a team of wine lovers, beer guzzlers, and spirits experts, Different Drop ships its product via the Australian post. While you’re welcome to peruse and shop at your leisure, the company is more than happy to offer a little extra guidance. Not only will they tell you what’s currently trending, but their pre-made wine packs are the stuff of legend. Express delivery is available to Sydney customers for a $10 surcharge.

man opening craft cartel liquor subscription box
Craft Cartel | Image: Craft Cartel

7. Craft Cartel

  • Delivers to: Australia wide
  • App available on: no app

Craft beer speciality store Craft Cartel boasts over 700 curated beers in its range, making it one of the best alcohol and beer delivery services in Australia. The online bottle shop delivers pretty much Australia-wide as standard, but you can also sign up to the company’s Craft Beer Club for exclusive releases and offers.

gin loot liquor box and liquor bottles on purple background
Gin Loot | Image: Gin Loot

8. Gin Loot

  • Delivers to: Australia wide
  • App available on: no app

The legends at Whisky Loot are just keen on the dark spirits. Like its counterpart, Gin Loot offers three new gins a month, delivered to your door.  Curated by gin sommeliers and delivered over a 12+ month journey, the Gin Loot experience takes you on a monthly adventure of learning through tasting. If you want to elevate you G&T, this is how you do it.

three men toasting liquor bottles
Friends enjoying drinks | Image: Booze Bud

9. Booze Bud

  • Delivers to: all across Australia (except the Northern Territory)
  • App available on: Apple Store and Google Play

When you’re a friend in need, Booze Bud is your friend indeed. Even before the crisis, this company was revolutionising the way Aussies ordered alcohol through its user-friendly website and alcohol delivery app. The selection is impressive, the prices are right, and the company delivers to pretty much everywhere except the Northern Territory. Don’t forget to peruse the “Promotions” section for choice discounts and deals.

Two staff holding liquor box beside Shorty’s Liquor delivery van
Shorty’s Liquor | Image: Shorty’s Liquor

10. Shorty’s Liquor

  • Delivers to: 92% of Australia, with full-service delivery available in Sydney only
  • Delivery hours for Sydney (currently extended): Mon-Sun 11AM-11PM
  • App available on: no app

Passion reigns supreme at Shorty’s Liquor, which offers an ample selection of quality spirits, wine, and booze. The company specialises in corporate events like office parties and business gatherings, and has recently changed its hours of operation to accommodate increased demand. There are various delivery options for Sydney-based customers, including same-day delivery to the CBD.

A sample wine delivery kit of good pair days
A sample wine delivery kit | Image: Good Pair Days

11. Good Pair Days

  • Delivers to: Australia wide
  • App available on: iOS / Android

Wine curators Good Pair Days know what you need in times like these. The online alcohol shop is keeping your home bar well-stocked with a huge range of boutique and specialist wine. You can do a once-off order, or sign up for a subscription, it’s your call.

wine being poured on glass with bread and cheese
Qantas Wine | Image: Qantas Wine

12. Qantas Wine

  • Delivers to: Australia wide
  • App available on: Apple Store and Google Play

Perfect for the frequent flyer who has a bunch of points they can’t use right now, Qantas Wines is a must-know alcohol delivery service in Australia. The team works with over 200 wineries and gourmet food producers for Australia’s leading wine regions to bring you the very best of down under. You can also jump on the company’s wine delivery app to check out the latest deals on your phone.

liquor bottles on top of car with Drnks logo
Drnks | Image: Drnks

13. Drnks

  • Delivers to: Australia wide
  • App available on: No app

Famous for its mystery box packages, this alcohol delivery service is for the gambler. Browse the online alcohol shop’s enormous collection of boutique wines and spirits and you’ll realise just how fancy your at-home adventures can be. With trendy wine, overseas delicacies and a few craft beers thrown in, Drnks is a wild ride that you need to get on.

posters of tipple alcohol delivery service
Alcohol delivery service Tipple | Image: Tipple

14. Tipple

  • Delivers to: Sydney and Melbourne
  • Delivery hours for Sydney: Mon-Sun 12PM-11PM
  • App available on: Apple Store and Google Play

Available to 120 suburbs across Melbourne and Australia, Tipple offers everything you want out of booze delivery. Enter your address, choose amongst over 500 products, and let them take care of the rest. To make an easy thing that much easier, use the Tipple app to order your alcohol.

liquor bottles on green background
Booze-It | Image: Booze-It

15. Booze-It

  • Delivers to: Australia wide
  • App available on: No app

Booze-It was the first alcohol delivery service in Australia to offer Buy Now Pay Later options for customers. What does that mean for drinkers in isolation? You can get that sweet nectar now through the online alcohol shop and deal with the cost later! Just don’t go overboard. Nobody wants to wake up with a hangover and a bill incoming.

hello drinks app on phone graphic with orange gradient background
Alcohol delivery service HelloDrinks | Image: HelloDrinks

16. HelloDrinks

  • Delivers to: Sydney Metro
  • App available on: Apple Store and Google Play

Sydney-based HelloDrinks is an online bottle shop that offers the very best in beer, wine and spirits. What’s more, the alcohol delivery service offers them at affordable prices and Buy Now Pay Later options. Check them out online or via the HelloDrinks alcohol delivery app.

pair of hands holding a phone showing boozi app
Boozi | Image: Boozi

17. Boozi

  • Delivers to: Sydney
  • Delivery hours for Sydney: Mon-Sun 10AM-10PM
  • App available on: no app

In response to the pandemic, one of Sydney’s best events companies quickly pivoted toward alcohol delivery. As it turns out, Boozi is just as great in its new venture as it was with its previous one. For Sydney-based customers, the process couldn’t be easier. Find what you’re looking for and choose between three different delivery options, including one that arrives within the hour.

Alcohol Delivery Australia FAQs

Can you get alcohol delivered in Australia?

Yes, provided you are over 18 and can provide photo identification, you can purchase and order alcohol to be delivered in Australia. There are several services that provide this, including Jimmy Brings and BoozeBud.

Does BWS deliver?

Alcohol retailer BWS provides a number of delivery options throughout Australia, including same-day delivery to select areas in Sydney.