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Woodford reserve double double oaked feature

Woodford Reserve’s Highly Sought-After Double Double Oaked is Back

Woodford Reserve is dedicated to reaping as many possible flavour combinations out of the same core mashbill as possible and we’re 100 per cent here for it. Their flagship bourbon is a masterclass in versatility and one of the forebearers of the modern premium whiskey trend, and their Double Oaked follows along similar lines, unlocking even more flavour by way of extra maturation. With Double Double Oaked, the experimentation continues to predictably awesome results.

Woodford Reserve Double Double Oaked Bourbon became available earlier this month as the first Distillery Series release of 2024. An exciting program if there ever was one, the Distillery Series finds the whiskey maker pushing all kinds of eclectic boundaries in the pursuit of unique—and often coveted—flavour profiles. Previous releases include Toasted Oak Oat Grain, Chocolate Malt Whisper, former editions of Double Double Oaked, and so much more.

Colour: Roasted coffee bean
Aroma: A robust medley of rich maple syrup, dark butterscotch, brittle caramel, bittersweet chocolate, burnt marshmallow and sweet hickory smoke notes dominate the nose.
Taste: Rich dried cherry and cranberry fruit swim in a blackberry jam brightened with hints of ripe apple. Chai tea and warming clove notes develop to spice up the palate.
Finish: Warm and drying with a lingering clove character.

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Woodford double double oaked bottle
Woodford Reserve Double Double Oaked | Image: Woodford Reserve

As the very name would suggest, Double Double Oaked sends Woodford Reserve’s traditional Double Oaked Bourbon into heavily toasted and lightly charred American oak for an extra year of maturation. From the additional aging comes even more depth, colour, complexity, and flavour. The expression opens on a decadent nose of thick maple syrup, butterscotch, burnt marshmallow, and sweet smoke. It segues into a creamy palate of dried cherry and blackberry jam with apple accents, all of which build toward warm notes of chai tea, clove, and spice. Warm clove and dry oak spice take this one over the finish line and linger on the palate long after.

The spirit of discovery lies at the very heart of Woodford Reserve’s output and expressions such as this one dial up the experience in some interesting ways. These are the same folks that famously bring you 200 flavour notes in their standard Straight Kentucky Bourbon whiskey and so one can only imagine the extra dimension cultivated through not one but two rounds of additional maturation. If you like big and spicy profiles that still deliver plenty of silky texture and sweet, fruity character, then Double Double Oaked has your name—and taste buds—written all over it. Is anyone else out there suddenly craving whiskey or is it just us?

Woodford Reserve is already one of the most recognised names in the game so demand is predictably high for their limited edition Double Double Oaked Bourbon. It’s being offered in 375ml bottles at 45.2% ABV with a limit of two bottles per customer, either through the distillery or select retailers.

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