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This $30 Australian-Made Vodka Just Won Top Honours in The Global Vodka Masters 2022

ALDI’s Australian-made Tamova Vodka has just won another Master Award at the competitive Spirits Business Global Vodka Masters 2022. While an average bottle of vodka can run you anywhere between $20-100, ALDI’s award-winning Australian-made Tamova Vodka only costs $30.99 AUD. At that price, we don’t expect stocks to last so run don’t walk people!

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Tamova vodka

Image: Tamova Vodka | ALDI Australia

As mentioned, this isn’t the first award Tamova Quadruple Distilled Vodka has won at this event. The vodka has previously scored a Master Medal in 2020 from The Spirits Business Global Vodka Masters, among many other awards in previous years that include:

  • 2020 The Spirits Business Global Vodka Masters – Masters Medal
  • 2019 Spirits International Prestige Awards – Gold Medal
  • 2018 Spirits International Prestige Awards – Gold Medal

“The Vodka Masters 2022 was once again very popular and competitive this year, with 139 entries from 75 different companies from all around the world. To receive any sort of medal is something that every company should be extremely pleased with, and for ALDI Australia to receive a Master medal, the highest medal we award, for their single entry within a very competitive selection is an excellent achievement,” said Melita Kiely, Editor of The Spirits Business.

“We are so proud when our products are recognised with awards such as this one as it shows we are successfully delivering on that low-price, high-quality promise,” said Paul Handley, Buying Director for Spirits and Beer at ALDI Australia.

The multi-award-winning vodka, part of ALDI’s everyday range, is four times distilled and traditionally filtered for exceptional purity and a clean, crisp natural flavour. You can pick up a bottle yourself from your local ALDI store, but we’d expect stocks to be running a little thin after this news bombshell. Espresso Martini anyone?!

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