Australia Comes Knocking at Death’s Door…Gin, That Is

Australia definitely loves itself some gin, so it’s no wonder that Wisconsin craft distillery Death’s Door has decided to set down on our native shores. Specifically, the popular label has partnered with Vanguard Luxury Brands to make Australia part of its global expansion. According to Vanguard founder James France, “In a very crowded gin market, it is a rare brand indeed that can manage to genuinely stand out. Death’s Door is such a brand. Not only is the gin itself exceptional, but so are its story and the people behind it.” Plus, who can resist a name like Death’s Door?

white death door gin bottle

James France wasn’t kidding when he mentioned the exceptional background behind this tasty spirit. The label derives its name from a specific passage where the cold waters of Lake Michigan and the warm waters of Green Bay converge. As a result, the waterway is prone to severe, dangerous currents, which have taken out no less than 350 ships over the course of centuries. Death’s Door, indeed.

Meanwhile, the Death’s Door brand was originally founded by Brian Ellison as a sustainable wheat and juniper berry agriculture project, which grew from five acres to 1200 acres. Soon enough, Ellison found himself with all the ingredients he needed to make delicious gin.

death door gin side view

As far as methodology goes, Death’s Door keeps its product painstaking simple, utilising just three botanicals: juniper berries, coriander and fennel seeds. The subsequent profile is balanced, versatile and complex. From within each sip you’ll find the botanicals bursting through with clarity, joined by soft, dry notes of wheat, corn and malted barley. Thanks to a vapour extraction process, the spirit is also noticeably absent of bitterness and other harsh characteristics. That makes it a smooth sipper and perfect mixer alike. Hence, for your next dry gin martini, consider knocking on Death’s Door.

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