Balter Pulls No Punches with its Big and Boozy IIPA

Everyone’s favourite Currumbin Brewer Balter has rolled out its second-ever special release the IIPA. Coming in at ABV 8.6% and bursting with hops, this beer is massive in every way. IIPA is the ultimate celebration. It’s brewed as a triumphant tip of the hat to a well-earned success.

“We’ve never brewed a beer this big, so it was a test of our capacity,” says Scott Hargrave, Balter Head Brewer. “We had to figure out just how much malt can we get in the mash mixer without it overflowing. We got a tonne in. It’s a huge beer, hopped to the shithouse.”

The IIPA or Imperial Indian Pale Ale is based on a recipe refined over six months to deliver a strong flavour that’s balanced in its approach.

“IIPA can be overbearing because they’re big and boozy and get sweet and sticky,” Scott adds. “So we stripped the malt way back to be essentially pale malt with a sprinkle of wheat and then dissolved as much hops as we could into it. That should give it more drinkability.”

Balter IIPA is a big beer in a 4 stripe can

Packaged in 500ml tins with four yellow stripes as a nod to its substantial nature, the Balter IIPA goes a little something like this:

A tangy fruit salad with extra punch. Clean, hefty hop notes provide substantial palate weight with hints of pineapple, pine and citrus, while the higher alcohol content delivers a delightfully dry, spicy finish. In a tall tin so you can share it with a mate celebrating a royal achievement, or simply soaking up the last shadows of a classic day.

“Stop at one, and you’re good. Maybe that’s a challenge to some, but it’s meant to be a standalone salute.”

The Imperial IPA landed on shelves right in time for Balter to celebrate its 2nd Birthday. It’s available now for a limited time only. Head over to the Balter site linked below to find the IIPA in a store near you.

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