Booker’s Backyard BBQ Bourbon Carries Traditional and Taste to a New Level

Booker’s Bourbon has hyper-launched themselves onto the whiskey scene by winning the “World’s Best Whiskey” Award in 2017 with their Rye blend. While their BBQ Bourbon is just a bit difference, it still treats you the right way.

The founder of Booker’s Bourbon was famous for his old-fashioned cookouts and gatherings that he would have for his close friends and family. He even went so far as to call them “Bourbon-ques,” and that is the spirit that lives on within this new BBQ Bourbon.

This batch is bottled uncut at its organic 128.8 proof after spending the very specific six years, two months, and ten days in priming barrels. The perfect duration gives the bourbon a complicated aroma and mouthfeel with a hint of maple and vanilla. This all culminates in a level tastes with a nice, soothing, warm finish, perfect to sip as you tend the grill or to pair with the seared taste of well-cooked meat.

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