Camping’s Best Treat is in a Can with S’more Flavored Stout

Picture it—night has fallen over the forest and you’re sitting at the fire’s edge along with friends and family. On the end of the roasting stick you’re holding over the fire is a marshmallow turning a delicious golden brown—or a charred black—as you rotate it over the heat. You’re ready to slap that gooey goodness down on a piece of chocolate and sandwich it between two pieces of graham cracker. If you’re mouth isn’t already watering, then it will when you hear about Perrin Brewing Company’s new S’more flavored stout beer.

The new beer is “a classic treat in every sip,” states Perrin Brewing Company. The stout has 7 percent alcohol by volume and delivers the taste of marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. To get a creamy mouth feel, Perrin used lactose. “Once you try a can of this toasty, dessert-y stout, you’ll be asking for s’more,” reads Perrin’s press release. The stout comes in six-packs of 12 ounce cans and is also available on tap at the Perrin Pub.

Perrin has been releasing a new craft beer every other month for distribution statewide in Michigan. The S’more flavored stout is the fifth release of the Perrin’s Side Hustle Series. The series provides Perrin’s brewers with the chance “to creatively explore new ingredients and techniques.” The previous flavor to be released was the Perrin Pineapple Upside Down IPA. Based out of Grand Rapids, Perrin Brewing has won numerous awards for their craft beers, including The World’s Top New Beer Release of 2015 from RateBeer.

Even if you’re not at your favorite campsite, you can still enjoy the flavor of your favorite camping treat. Perrin Brewing’s S’more flavored stout beer is the expert mix of marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker, conveniently packaged in a can or poured from a tap.

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