Citadelle Original Gin Channels 18th-Century France in Every Which Way

Founded in 1996, Citadelle Original is a hand-crafted gin inspired by an 18th-century French recipe, and it has finally arrived on Australian shores. Accompanied by a new look, this gin celebrates the past while stepping into 2018 with a modern and sleek style.

Citadelle Original Gin is made from the world’s finest whole grain wheat harvested in France’s Beauce region and brewed with natural spring water. The wheat spirit is triple distilled in small copper pot stills and infused with 19 aromatic botanicals and juniper berries. The complex botanical flavours create a subtle bouquet with aromas of juniper and citrus.

The new bottle is inspired by the rich and highly decorative world of 18th century France; an aesthetic found flourishing throughout Château de Bonbonnet, home of Citadelle.

citadelle original gin from france

“This stunning new bottle coupled with a beautiful, silky juniper forward spirit is sure to impress Australia’s growing gin drinking community,” says Dan Walker, Co-Founder & General Manager Neat Spirits. “Citadelle Gin’s unique, patented recipe sets it apart from other international London Dry styles of gin, and we are incredibly proud to have it as part of our growing portfolio of independent spirits.”

Citadelle Gin is available now at Vintage Cellars for AU $70 and good independent bottle shops across Australia.

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