Hardys Char No. 3 Red Wines are Forged in Flames

As one of Australia’s leading wine brands both locally and abroad, Hardys definitely knows a thing or two about craftsmanship and quality. With the release of two new red wines, this already distinguished producer is cranking the distinction dial up a notch. True to its name, the Char No. 3 range features a Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon that were respectively aged in charred oak barrels. As a direct result, these tasty reds deliver that much more boldness, flavour, and complexity.

hardys char no 3 cabernet sauvignon

Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon make up a sizable chunk of the $20-$35 premium wine sector, so it’s no surprise that Hardys went with these two blends for its new range. Thanks to the extra maturation in charred No. 3 oak barrels, discerning oenophiles can expect subtle hints of oak, rich texture, and a resoundingly smooth finish. That’s in addition to the bounty of bold flavours one will already get from Hardys red wine.

Hardys Char No. 3 Shiraz

On the Char No.3 Shiraz 2018, you’ll discover vibrant notes of dark fruit, including blackberry, plum, and black cherries. Hardys Char No.3 Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 is likewise robust, balancing layers of red currants, plum, thyme, and ground spice to perfection. It all comes enhanced by the kind of texture, depth, and taste that only extra maturation can provide.

Featured on both labels are choice visuals of oak barrels, fire, and smoke, courtesy of artist Steven Spazuk. Score either blend for AUD$26 and prepare to savour every drop.

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