The hennessy x o masterpiece

‘Cognac Couture’: Hennessy Grabs Kim Jones for Exclusive Collection

The intersection point between popular culture and couture heritage, British Artistic Director Kim Jones follows in the footsteps of Hennessy X.O’s artisanal masters by helping craft a collection of exclusive pieces for the brand’s latest project, the ‘Masterpiece Collaboration’.

Highlighted by a sculptural Hennessy X.O Masterpiece capsule designed by Kim Jones (200 examples available), the Hennessy X.O Limited Edition bottle by Kim Jones, and the brand’s first pair of shoes, the HNY Low by Kim Jones, the collection is technically impressive, and worth its weight in gold (or titanium in this case) with only a limited number of pieces available.

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Kim jones and the hennessy x o

Kim Jones and the Hennessy X.O Masterpiece designed by Kim Jones | Image: Hennessy

Of course, it starts with that impressive Hennessy X.O Masterpiece. Made from titanium and described as “couture for a bottle” it’s a capsule that surrounds the cognac and twists, turns, and folds to evoke the couture technique of draping. It’s also a reference to the past, where at the turn of the 20th century, Hennessy bottles were hand-enveloped in tissue paper to protect their fragile parchment paper labels.

“When I saw how the vintage Hennessy bottles were wrapped, it spoke volumes to me about how precious each one is, and how they were handled. I was particularly touched by their history and the sense of how generations have dedicated their time to making each step of the process better and better. That same process also holds true with fashion,” said Kim Jones.

A third ready-to-wear version of the bottle is also available. A more traditionally-styled decanter, the bottle is encased in an aluminium second skin with its structure showcasing the signature shape of the bottle while still evoking that couture silhouette seen in the flagship Hennessy X.O Masterpiece.

The hny low by kim jones

The HNY Low by Kim Jones | Image: Hennessy

And then we have the HNY Low by Kim Jones, a personal highlight of the collection for ourselves. At first glance, the shoe evokes a feeling of rich cognac, an intentional reference to the use of light cognac-coloured nubuck leather. This material takes on the patina of time and is also a reference to the precious eaux-de-vie.

Just as intentional is the low-cut style of the shoe, comfort-driven, yet acceptable for occasions where a dress code might imply. “I wanted it to be elevated and chic, to reflect both the long heritage of cognac and my own design values,” said Jones.

Each pair comes presented in custom dustbags and an oak box that revisits the barrels used to age the eaux-de-vie. The suggested pricing for the HNY Low by Kim Jones is 650 euros, and the shoe is available exclusively at HBX on March 18th 2023 at 12am AEST.

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Making of the hny low by kim jones

Making of the HNY Low by Kim Jones | Image: Hennessy

The hennessy x o masterpiece and

The Hennessy X.O Masterpiece and fusil designed by Kim Jones | Image: Hennessy

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