Jack Daniel's Sound of Bonded | Image: Jack Daniel's

This Music is Scientifically Crafted to Enhance Your Whiskey

A banging music track might not be the first thing you’d expect from an Oxford lecturer, but Professor Charles Spence is mixing things up. The world-renowned sensory academic has used science to craft an immersive new beat that can elevate even the most dulcet of drams.

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Professor Charles Spence | Image: Jack Daniel's
Professor Charles Spence | Image: Jack Daniel’s

Proving that the smart people of our world really can do it all, Professor Charles Spence has used his expertise and love of one of nature’s greatest pleasures to create a first-of-its-kind music track. According to the academic, the track is scientifically proven to enhance the bold flavours of whiskey.

Yes, that’s right, science is now delving deep into the world of taste via a beautiful experiment on how sound can make your next sip of whiskey taste even sweeter. Released in Australia in mid-May, the track saw Professor Spence collaborate with the award-winning String Musicians Australia to create the ‘Sound of Bonded’ track.

“The Sound of Bonded is built on years of research exploring the surprising connection between sound and taste,” Professor Charles Spence said. “The whiskey’s caramel, oak and spice flavour notes pair perfectly with melodic piano, low-pitch cello and high-tempo violin. The research suggests that when you listen to the track while sipping Jack Daniel’s Bonded whiskey, the flavour notes will come to life in an even bolder, more enjoyable way.”

When listened to while sipping on your Jack Daniel’s Bonded, the track’s melodic piano, low-pitched cello and higher violin are scientifically proven to enhance the whiskey’s caramel, oak and spice flavour notes. We’re all ears.

Jack Daniel's Sound of Bonded | Image: Jack Daniel's
Jack Daniel’s Sound of Bonded | Image: Jack Daniel’s

“We’re constantly looking for new ways to elevate the tasting experience of our whiskey,” Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey master distiller, Chris Fletcher, said. “Jack Daniel’s and music have always had a special connection, and what better way to bring the two together than with a tailored piece of music that’s proven to bring out the bold and exceptional flavour notes of Bonded.”

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