Jameson Cold Brew Coffee Flavoured Whiskey “Irishes-Up” Your Average Cup of Joe

Jameson Cold Brew has been described as an “Irish whiskey-based coffee spirit.” It may not be a great replacement for your morning cup of coffee, but we’re not judging. Ciaran O’Donovan, Jameson’s International Whiskey Ambassador, Blender, and Academy Educator, admits that the whiskey took years of planning. The cold brew combines Fairtrade certified Arabica beans from Colombia and Brazil, which were roasted in the US, and a 35% ABV Jameson triple distilled flagship blended whiskey. The result is a whiskey that has notes of toasted oak and dark chocolate and that is best served on ice or as a part of a cocktail.

Jameson is following the same model that it has used for other new drinks—namely, Jameson Cold Brew will be trialled in Ireland first with 3,000 bottles being released. If the drink proves popular there, then it will be rolled out into key markets, potentially as early as the start of 2019.

This may be a new take on the traditional Irish coffee, but who’s to say that it won’t become a new remedy for the morning after a party-filled night? “A little hair of the dog” might just work. Even if it doesn’t, the flavour itself will be worth it.

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