Koskenkorva Vodka is the True Taste of Finland

Welcome to the village of Koskenkorva, Finland. Population: 2100. Here you’ll find hard-working farmers of the highest integrity and skill. Pair their expertise with a sun that never completely sets during the summer and you end up premium, high quality barley. For six decades, local distillers have been using this revered barley along with unfiltered spring water to craft exceptionally smooth, authentic, award winning Koskenkorva Vodka.

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In a sphere typically dominated by major global players, Koskenkorva Vodka stands out as a brand true to its namesake. Everything about the spirit can be tied to the Finnish village in which it’s made. Heck, the longitude and latitude coordinates are stamped on the bottle cap. Accordingly, the spirit is a true combination of homegrown ingredients and methods with a clean taste to show for it.

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To achieve such immaculate character, Koskenkorva Vodka distills its spirit over a whopping 250 times using a cutting edge continuous distillation process. The only ingredient added to the distilled spirit is water and the whole thing goes down less than 120 miles from where the barley is cultivated. In spite of its long-standing history, the distillery itself is firmly keeping with the times by incorporating its own fuel-efficient bio-energy power plant that reduces carbon dioxide emissions and increases self-sufficiency.

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Since vodka is a relatively neutral spirit, purity becomes an asset when comparing various expressions. On that note, Koskenkorva Vodka exudes purity as soon as you open the bottle. The nose is profoundly mild – this is not a spirit that will set your nostril hairs on fire the way some other vodkas might.

Then there’s the taste itself. Koskenkorva Vodka opens with a touch of sweetness and remains brilliantly smooth from sip to gulp. A very subtle element of spice hangs on the palate after the finish, while the sweetness also lingers. Overall, the pleasant lack of heat is truly welcomed. The taste is even palatable enough that you could enjoy the spirit neat if that’s how you take your drink. Otherwise, the vodka would make for a great martini or cocktail.

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Available at a great price, Koskenkorva Vodka is the perfect alternative to the standard fare. Inside each bottle is the taste of quality and simplicity. It took a village, but that is far less than it normally takes.

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