Malfy Gin Brings Rosa and Arancia Into the Family

Did you know that Italy was the birthplace of gin? As it turns out, 11th-century monks on the Salerno coast invented the spirit by combining juniper with alcohol and a range of spices. Expanding upon the tradition is Malfy Gin, who produces its exceptional product at Italy’s historic Torino Distillati. We’ve previously covered Malfy’s delicious flagship statement in a previous article, where we described the taste as one that packs lemon zest and sugary sweetness into a clean botanical body.

Now, the brand is back with two new expressions: Rosa and Arancia (aka Pink Grapefruit and Blood Orange). Both are distinguished by eye-catching colour and unique taste alike, though not to the point of overpowering their botanical foundations. Refreshment is the operative word here, and both statements duly abide.

malfy gin orange

When crafting Rosa, Malfy combines the peel of sun-ripened Sicilian pink grapefruits with premium Italian juniper and grain spirit. Five additional botanicals–including lemon peel and grapefruit peel–are then distilled in a stainless-steel vacuum, and incorporated into the blend. A small amount of Rhubarb distillate is also added, which helps round out the flavour. It all amounts to a beauteous profile of light pink, with zesty waves of grapefruit on the nose. As for the taste, it delicately balances citrus grapefruit accents with noticeable gin flavour. Indeed, this spirit might look somewhat dainty to the naked eye, but it still packs a nice punch. 

malfy gin rosa beside ocean

Malfy Con Arancia, meanwhile, substitutes Sicilian blood oranges for grapefruit peels, and then employs the same distillation method (minus the Rhubarb distillate). Specifically, the blood oranges are combined with juniper and grain spirit, after which five vacuum-distilled botanicals are added to the blend. The resulting spirit is darker inside the bottle than it is in the glass, where it almost resembles a French rosé. On the nose are prominent blasts of blood orange, while the taste balances citrus orange and boozy botanicals to medium-bodied effect.

For the ideal warm-weather sipper, Malfy recommends mixing Rosa or Con Arancia with either tonic, Prosecco, or fresh lemonade. Each bottle comes in at about $29.99 USD, respectively.

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