New Balance Pub Where You Pay for Pints with Miles Run

You would expect a shoe company built to support of a marathon—no news there. But what is news is how New Balance plans on supporting those who are training for the Virgin Money London Marathon. Instead of offering shoes, New Balance is offering pints of cold beer.

The Runaway, an exclusive pub located on Charing Cross Road in London, will feature four unique challenges that allow you to exchange running miles for pints of beer. New Balance partnered with Strava on this unique marketing drive. A social fitness network primarily used to track cycling and running using GPS data, Strava will help track runners as they achieve certain training milestones over the 120 days leading up to the London Marathon. A Runaway Card is given to each runner as they join the Strava challenge. That card can be added to the wallet on a smartphone. As the runner logs the miles, the card will also log them. Get enough, and you can trade in those miles for pints in the pub.

“We’re excited to open our very first New Balance pub and look forward to welcoming runners to the bar to exchange their miles for pints,” stated Samantha Mathews, Senior Marketing Manager at New Balance UK & Ireland. “The Runaway pub brings our Everybody’s Race campaign to life and aims to empower runners throughout their weeks of training, offering an escape and reward when needed and a hub for the running community to come together and support each other.”

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