Find the Giant Missing Cucumber in Sydney and Win a Lifetime Supply of Hendrick’s Gin

This is not a drill, or dill, in this case. A humongous cucumber, 40 metres long, 8 metres high and 8 metres wide, to be precise, has gone missing in Sydney Harbour. Officially registered by Hendrick’s as the Missing Cucumber, the gin company has released a statement in which they are appealing to the public to band together and help find the giant missing cuke.

A very generous reward has been put on offer for whoever can locate the beloved cucumber believed to be ‘lost at sea’. The reward is a lifetime supply of Hendrick’s gin, which makes it well worth it to drop all your plans this weekend and go look for the monstrous green dill.

The statement reads as follows:

“We are deeply concerned about the whereabouts of our cucumber which mysteriously disappeared yesterday in Sydney Harbour. We are desperate to reunite the cuke with our beloved Hendrick’s Gin. The cucumber is 40 metres long, 8 metres high and 8 metres wide and is the largest cucumber in the world. The cucumber and our gin are the perfect pairing so we’d be extremely grateful for anyone that could help us in our search to reunite them.

For any information that leads to the discovery of our beloved Cuke, we’re offering a reward: a lifetime of Hendrick’s Gin (to be enjoyed responsibly of course) along with a lifetime supply of cucumbers. Because one cannot exist without the other.


To assist in the very normal search for the Hendrick’s cucumber, they have also launched a “Cucumber Currency”, which is a gin exchange platform where consumers can swap a cucumber for a free gin and tonic this weekend (23 – 24 March) at participating venues in Darling Harbour.