Serve Drinks in a Modern Way with the Polyhedron Bar Cart

Modernism was a global movement that affected both society and culture, influencing people to seek out new imagery, materials, and techniques that better represented the hopes and realities of modern society. The Polyhedron Bar Cart by RH is a good example of Modernism. The bar looks like a multi-faceted ball sitting atop a mobile cart, but there is much more to this piece than initially meets the eye.

polyhedron bar cart open

The cart has three hinged sections that open up, similar to a flower’s petals opening up, to reveal mirrored surfaces where you can place tools or glasses. Inside the cart is space for bottles and other items. The cart is wood and has a wire-brushed matte black finish. The interior is lined with smoked mirror. It measures 25 inches in diameter, and stands 42 inches tall. It weighs only 80 pounds, making it more mobile than other carts.

polyhedron bar side view

The Polyhedron Bar Cart not only uses a more modern aesthetic, it also fulfills the Modernist ideals of finding new materials and presenting them in a new way. Both as a way to enjoy your drinks and to strike up conversations, the bar is a great addition to any modern setting.

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close polyhedron bar cart