Ten-Forward Vodka Goes Boldly Where No Man Has Gone Before

When you ask Guinan for a drink, she’ll be reaching for Ten-Forward, the first officially licensed Star Trek: The Next Generation vodka. Named for the bar on the USS Enterprise D and produced by Silver Screen Bottling Company, the vodka has the distinguishing characteristic of not only being named for space travelers, but also of having been a space traveler itself—sort of. Silver Screen Bottling Company will be sending a portion of the batch to the edges of space via a high-altitude balloon. Upon its return, the space traveling vodka will then be mixed with the batch that stayed on Terra Firma.

Perhaps the best feature of the vodka is the bottle. It’s an homage to the LCARS computer system seen on the terminals and pads in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and was designed by Star Trek veteran Mike Okuda.

ten forward vodka bottle against pink bokeh backdrop

If you’re a vodka connoisseur, there’s no reason to fear that the liquor will taste like synthehol (the synthetic alcohol replacement served in the Star Trek universe that not only tastes artificial, but has characters like Scotty and Captain Picard’s wine-making brother up in arms). The drink is made from American grain and carefully distilled six times.

Ten-Forward joins ranks with Silver Screen’s James T. Kirk signature bourbon whiskey. Ten Forward is expected to sell for $29.99.

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