The New Bulleit 12-Year-Old Rye Whiskey Stays True to the Old

Bulleit distillery proudly wears the name “Frontier Whiskey,” and they’ve earned that name over the past 30 years by creating some of the finest bourbon out there. Thomas E. Bulleit, Jr., started the company in 1987 and used a recipe inspired by his great-great-grandfather Augustus Bulleit. From 1830 to 1860, Augustus made high-rye whiskey.

The tavern keeper from Louisville, Kentucky, experimented with many different variations in his quest to create a bourbon with a unique flavour. In the end, he did it, but then mysteriously disappeared, almost taking his recipe with him. Thomas took that recipe, left his successful law practice, and risked it all to create Bulleit distillery. Bulleit continues approaching rye whiskey just as Augustus did—using high rye, limestone-filtered water, and charred American oak barrels.

The 12-Year-Old Rye Whiskey is a limited release that uses the same mash bill as what Bulleit uses for their classic Bulleit Rye—95 per cent rye and 5 per cent malted barley. The result is a smooth and spicy whiskey with a pear-like fruitiness and dry, buttery oakiness. The whiskey is 92 proof and is best served neat or on the rocks.

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