The “Sour Me Unicorn Farts” Sour Ale from DuClaw Brewing

Ah, unicorn farts—who can resist them? Evidently not DuClaw Brewing Company, based in Baltimore, Maryland. The brewing company recently announced the release of their latest concoction, the “Sour Me Unicorn Farts” sour ale. The beer comes out of a partnership between DuClaw and Baltimore donut company, Diablo.

“We were inspired by the way Ros continuously pushes the envelope with flavours and recipes”, said Dave Benfield, founder and president at DuClaw. “The process and pace with which they operate is strangely similar to our approach to innovation—constant creativity, ideation and testing.”

Diablo’s Unicorn Farts donut, which is vanilla frosted and then dipped in fruity cereal before getting a drizzling of more frosting on it, served as the inspiration for the new brew. The beer is brewed with fruity cereal and features edible glitter. It has a medium body and a tart and sweet flavour—much like what one would expect from unicorn flatulence (we guess).

DuClaw plans to release the beer with their usual fanfare of crazy events, good food, and plenty of beer. You can pick up your own four-pack starting March 16 at the event, or wait until April when it hits the shelves.

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