Tori Spelling Goes See-Through with SodaStream

When you talk about the ‘90s, it’s hard not to mention Tori Spelling. As a member of the Beverly Hills, 90210 cast, Spelling was an iconic ‘90s figure. Now Spelling is using that ‘90s cred and style in a partnership with SodaStream to make a see-through sparkling water maker.

SodaStream machines make sparkling water in an instant by forcing carbon dioxide into the water making it fizzy. You can also add in plenty of different flavors to make the water more palatable. Titled the “Tori,” the new limited edition SodaStream machine is completely transparent and features neon colored parts in homage to the ‘90s. “We saw the ‘90s style taking over and wanted to celebrate this cool decade but also remind people that not all trends should make a comeback,” said Matti Yahav, the chief marketing officer for SodaStream International. The trend that Yahav was referring to that shouldn’t make a comeback is the wasteful practice of using plastic bottles once and then throwing them away. “Let’s leave single-use plastic waste in our past,” said Yahav.

“Some of my favorite memories, trends and inspiration come from the ‘90s,” said Spelling. “I’m thrilled to have partnered with SodaStream to create this stylish ‘90s-inspired product with the higher purpose of raising awareness about the issue of single-use plastic waste.” SodaStream has long advocated getting rid of single-use plastic. The company estimates that one SodaStream bottle can help an average family reduce the use of more than 3,700 bottles and cans. What’s more, on average, an individual with a SodaStream drinks 43 percent more liquid—making SodaStream not only healthier for the environment, but for you personally as well.

If you want to cash in on a Tori SodaStream machine, you’ll need to act fast as there will only be 90 of these machines made. They retail for $90 and come with a one-liter SodaStream bottle.

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