TravelBlend is a Rechargeable, Portable and Powerful Blender

Altitude Group is a team of individuals that were born and raised in Australia, and were instilled with a “deep passion to venture out of our little island.” That deep passion, and the attendant experience that comes from backpacking across over 20 countries, gives them a unique understanding of the important of having the right gear. That’s what led to the creation of the TravelBlend portable blender.

Travel Blend portable

TravelBlend is portable, rechargeable, and powerful. It’s simple to use. Just fill the glass with whatever you want blended, then twist on the top until it aligns. Then it’s just a simple click of a button and in just 20 seconds, you have your blended drink. TravelBlend is designed with a triple blade that is made of 304 Austentic Steel with Chromium, making it corrosion and rust resistant. The glass is made of PCTG—BPA-free—plastic. Tough and durable, the glass can stand up to liquids up to 80 degrees Celsius. The unique design also includes magnetic induction points. The blender will only turn on if the points are properly aligned, preventing spills and increasing safety. Cleaning is easy, just twist off the blender and rinse. If you need a deeper clean, add a bit of light detergent to water and turn on the blender.

Travel Blended drink

The 2400mAh rechargeable battery has enough power to blend 10 cups on one charge. The battery is recharged with a magnetic charging connection. You can blend just about anything with TravelBlend, from Smoothies and protein shakes to baby food, salsa, margaritas, dressing, pancakes, and even pudding.

The TravelBlend is doing really well on Kickstarter. As of this writing, they have already blown through both their 24 hour launch and their super early bird launches. You can get in on the early bird launch for $84 for one TravelBlend or $144 for two. After that, the price jumps up to $99.

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