Twelve Nights of Wine is a New Carol for Adults

What’s the deal with calling birds and pear trees and geese a laying and lords a leaping and maids a milking—OK, maybe that ones alright, and the gold rings, that might be OK, too—but the rest, who needs all that? If we’re going to count down 12 of anything before Christmas, maybe it should be something all of us can appreciate. And that’s definitely not a chintzy cardboard box with door flaps that hide a miniscule piece of chocolate.

twelve nights wine box in the ice

Vine Box has a better idea. Instead of typical, boring advent calendars, why not an advent calendar with different tastes of world class wines? The Twelve Nights of Wine Box features a countdown of wine for each of the 12 nights of Christmas. The wines come from renowned wine producing areas all over the world—Italy, France, Spain, and more. The bottles come perfectly sized for tasting, not drinking, and are a mix of red and white wines specially curated for the holidays.

This box will have you experiencing the advent in a completely new and delectable way.

twelve nights wine in hand

Adding even more suspense to the tradition, 10 boxes will feature a “golden bottle” that qualifies you to receive for the entire 2019 year. You can also select the option of giving the box as a gift, which will have it delivered with a personal message from you.

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inside look twelve nights wine box