Victoria Bitter is Now Named Victoria Better

There were a few nerves about when Victoria Bitter announced on its Facebook page that it was “changing…for the better”. With the iconic beer’s logo changed to read “Victoria Better”, the declaration was bound to send chills down beer-lovers’ spines, given the last time the company made a change to its product there were howls of outrage across the frothy landscape. Notwithstanding the irrefutable fact that Victoria Better is an infinitely superior name than Victoria Bitter – because things that are better are always preferable to things that are bitter – people were worried.

Turns out there was no need to panic, though: the change VB is making has nothing to do with the bevvie’s recipe, but rather with the company’s new environmentally-friendly face. In a beautifully poetic twist, VB will be using the very sun that causes their customers to WANT a beer, to MAKE the beer itself.

Yep, by 2020, Victoria Bitter has announced, its beers will be produced entirely using solar power, which means you no longer have to suffer those agonies of guilt we all go through when we have a beer, that by doing so we are hastening the destruction of life as we know it.

It’s a brilliant step forward for Aussie beer, and Australia in general, and hopefully one that other companies will soon be following suit. Go well, VB, may your star shine as bright as the…well, you know.