Manifest Sydney will Change Your View on Men’s Health

With suicide rates reaching all-time highs and frequent displays of toxic masculinity making headlines, the team behind Manifest Sydney is pushing for a change.

Taking place November 16-17, Manifest Sydney is a gathering that brings together some of the brightest minds across industries to tackle the challenges surrounding the mental and emotional wellbeing of men.

The gathering will foster lively debates and generate rich networking opportunities while showcasing innovations and solutions that support men both personally and professionally.

This not-for-profit event is hosting panels, workshops and discussions covering a broad range of topics. Guests can expect to learn tools and exercises to improve wellbeing, while the panels with be discussing how to deal with shame, understanding a women’s point of view and there will also be Q and A sessions.

The complete schedule is yet to be finalised, although the above examples should give you a pretty good idea of what Manifest Sydney is all about.


When: November 16-17, 8am to 5pm
Where: Town Hall, Sydney
How much: $57 – $147

manifest sydney

Manifest Sydney is led by the duo of JuVan Langford, founder of MENtour USA/AUS and Mike Campbell, founder of Beyond the Beers. Both men believe masculinity is a broken ideal, with most men hiding behind who they think they’re supposed to be.

JuVan and Mike are leading a team of male and female health authorities, business professionals, community leaders, coaches and also fathers and sons to help men get to where they need to be in 2019.

2019 State on Men in Australia

  • 93% of workplace deaths are men
  • 3 out of 4 suicides are men
  • 1 in 5 men experience anxiety
  • 24 years is the average onset of mental health concerns for men

Just a glance at these statistics and you’ll begin to understand why the Manifest Sydney weekend among other similar events is essential for championing wellbeing in 2019.

If you can’t make the event or you live outside of Sydney, there are other useful resources for men who are struggling. Take a look at Beyond Blue, and NSW Mental Health.

You can find Manifest Sydney ticketing info via the link below including how to pay a ticket forward to someone you know who could really benefit from the health event.

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