Sydney to Host a Stranger Things ‘Upside Down Bar’

“Stranger Things” continues to entertain audiences with its nostalgic vibe and strong storyline. It’s inspired plenty of products as well, but there’s still been something missing from the whole offering—some sort of experiential opportunity that lets you feel like you’re a part of the show. Residents of Sydney will have just such an experience this June when a “Stranger Things” inspired “Upside Down Bar” will be opened to the public. The pop-up experience will be held in an as-of-yet undisclosed location, but it will feature the ‘80s milieu and Easter eggs from the show.

The pop-up bar promises to have a replica of the Byers family living room, complete with fairy lights and the alphabet on the wall, as well as the Mirkwood forest. There will also be classic arcade games and DJs playing hits from the ‘80s that have been used on the show. Those that come to the bar not only will be treated with great drinks and a “Stranger Things” ambiance, they’ll also be tasked with a “dark and dangerous mission,” which just might include walkie talkies. The drinks will be themed as well, featuring show favorites like Eleven’s beloved Eggos, and the Demogorgon slushies—not sure what that flavor will be, but it’s sure to haunt you the next day. You can also enjoy a caramelized pineapple Mouthbreather or the Snack Pack, which is made with mescal and passion fruit.

Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing some of the show’s stars there as the bar is 18-plus. You can pre-register for the pop up on The event is being held ahead of the much-anticipated fourth season of ”Stranger Things.” You can gather your friends, complete a dangerous mission, and enjoy some themed cocktails as you prepare for the next season’s revelations.

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