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The Tilbury’s Oyster Harvest Series is an Ode to Sydney’s Most Underrated Icon

We’re all guilty of under-appreciating what we have in our own backyard, until it’s gone or in short supply and we take to social media to blame everyone under the sun (everything is your fault, Steven Seagal!). The humble Sydney Rock Oyster is no different, and with a combination of factors coming into play, we could be in for a lean, and thus very pricey, patch with our favourite summertime slurper. Luckily for us, the folks at The Tilbury in Woolloomooloo have secured a cornucopia of the tasty little bivalves and are currently hosting their Spring Oyster series in conjunction with East 33, Australia’s premier producer of native Sydney Rock Oysters.

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We were #blessed with a classic spring evening when we went to the 152° series oyster showcase recently. Sourced from Wallis Lake, the oysters had a lovely creamy body, light sweetness and subtle salinity, with a glass of David Hook’s Hunter Semillon bringing citrus fruits, herbaceousness and electric acidity to accompany the oysters.

Whilst the oysters courtesy of our own handiwork weren’t presentation quality, there is something to be said for the enjoyment you get from your own handiwork, and that was made all the more sweet in the stunning settings of the Tilbury’s courtyard. The last event on Tuesday, November 15 showcased the 154° from the Northern NSW regions of Hastings River, Camden Haven and Nambucca, characterised by higher levels of umami, salinity and minerality, with Andy Coppard from Lino Ramble wines providing the backing track from Maclaren Vale.

For those that missed out, there’s still good news. The final stop on the Oyster Harvest series sticks with the 154°, with Mike de Luliis from his namesake winery providing his dream wine pairings to match the complexity of the 154°, this is sure to be a special event. Remarkably, $30 gets you a trio of oysters and a flawlessly paired wine. Bookings recommended.

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