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Man wearing a chicken drumstick costume

Feel-Good Friday: September 23 – Winging It

If the day off yesterday has thrown you out of sync, let us remind you that the glorious weekend is only a few hours away. While the Queen’s funeral proceedings captivated us all week, the nation’s attention now turns towards a cracking AFL Grand Final between the Sydney Swans and Geelong Football Club. However, the footy is only one of many reasons to get excited this afternoon. In our latest edition of Feel-Good Friday, we’ve put together the ultimate list of spirit-lifting vibes to have you fist-pumping all weekend long.

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Man wearing a chicken drumstick costume jettisoning through the sky
KFC and Uber Eats | Image: KFC

KFC and Uber Eats Wing It from the Sky

The Uber Eats marketing team needs a raise because their latest stunt has us crying with laughter (and also a little hungry). What we hope will be the strangest thing you see today, a human-sized Kentucky Fried Chicken drumstick has jumped from the troposphere to the earth’s crust in a stunning 200-kilometre an hour descent. The adrenaline pumping five-minute high-speed stunt was commissioned to celebrate the arrival of KFC on the Uber Eats platform in Australia.

The parachuting poultry started the delivery from more than four thousand metres above sea level and took the scenic way down – breezing above some of Melbourne’s most iconic landmarks including the MCG, The Yarra River and Federation Square before safely finding the bullseye inside a six-metre tall Uber Eats bag. There are more than 500 KFC restaurants visible across the country on the Uber Eats app and Australians have even more convenience at their fingertips with another way for fans to access delicious Kentucky Fried Chicken from their own home.

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Magpie bird perched on a man’s shoulder
Magpie Music | Image: Spotify

Magpie Music Keeps the Swoopy Boys at Bay

Spring has sprung and magpies are on the loose in Australia for another swooping season. Fear not, as today Spotify announces the launch of Magpie Music – an experimental playlist of tracks designed to deter the swooping creatures. Created in partnership with self-proclaimed TikTok’ magpie expert’, The Magpie Man, Spotify’s Magpie Music Playlist features local and international greats, including Tame Impala, Linkin Park and Tina Turner.  From his time analysing magpies through his infamous warbling that made him a viral sensation, The Magpie Man (Mark Muscat) has been able to identify and observe the sounds that the pesky birds dislike the most. Whether its high pitch frequencies or loud, abrasive sounds, his carefully curated playlist should keep the magpies away this Swoop-tember. Listen to the playlist now on Spotify

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Shaquille O’Neal pointing at a Reebok Shaq Attack sneaker he is holding
Reebok Shaq Attack | Image: Supplied

Reebok Relaunch Iconic Shaq Attack Sneaker

Today, Reebok and Shaquille O’Neal announced an activation that will see the 15-time All-Star bring his larger-than-life personality to Australia over the coming years. O’Neal, known fondly across the world as “Shaq,” will be featured in Reebok’s 2023 Life is Not a Spectator Sport campaign, embodying the bold spirit of the mantra and inspiring others to get off the sidelines, pursue their passions, celebrate their individuality and become an active participant in whatever moves them. Shaq will be joined by local artists, athletes and celebrities in the campaign, encouraging Australians to get moving.

To celebrate the partership, Reebok will be launching a limited run of the “Shaq Attack” from today, 30 years after the original Shaq Attack was launched. The original design has been respected, offering a nod to the original colour way with bold colour blocking, iconic pump tech while keeping the 90’s retro aesthetic. The Shaq Attack will be available on the Reebok website today, September 23 for AU$289.95

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Cute dog sniffing a plate of dog treats
Chargrill Charlie’s New Dog Treats | Image: Supplied

Chargrill Charlie’s Unleash Treats for the Goodest Boys and Girls

Whether you’re a lover of their chips, chicken or salad,  Chargrill Charlies has been satisfying Australians’ stomachs for years. You can now share the love with your furry ones with Chargrill Charlie’s new dog treats. “The goodest of good boys and girls deserve the bestest of treats”, which is why Chargrill Charlie’s has made their own chicken treats. Made with all natural ingredients – including chicken, pumpkin, rosemary and chia seeds – your pooch can now also indulge in the iconic cuisine of this takeaway institution. These tasty treats are now available at selected Chargrill Charlie’s stores.

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Close up shot of Telstra 5G Touch and Track captured behind a person's shoulder
Telstra 5G Touch and Track | Image: Telstra

Telstra Reveals Incredible AFL innovation for the Visually Impaired

Telstra has announced its latest 5G innovation, the 5G Touch and Track. The 5G Touch and Track is a 5G enabled tablet that translates live sports into a haptic experience so that blind and low-vision fans can track the on-field action with their fingertips.

An Australian first, the prototype was developed in partnership with Field of Vision, a start-up dedicated to transforming the way in which people who are blind or visually impaired enjoy sport. The speed and low latency of Telstra 5G enables the on-field action to be translated onto the tablet and felt in real time, revolutionising the live sport experience.

Currently in the prototype stage, Telstra and Field of Vision will continue to develop the 5G Touch and Track device with the ambition of producing a more refined product in time for the 2023 AFL Grand Final. Check out the clip above for more information on this revolutionary piece of technology.

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