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Chris Hemsworth Home Workout 2

Get Jacked With Chris Hemsworth’s Home Workout

We all know Chris Hemsworth is seriously jacked, but what you might not know is how he achieved his Andonis-like body. Turns out, he’s been forgoing the weight room in favour of the laundry to feel the burn. Who would’ve thought? The Marvel superhero, along with personal trainer Luke Zocchi has just released a new home workout routine that requires no fitness equipment.

Aside from just being good friends, Chris Hemsworth and Zocchi are also business partners. The pair collaborated on the new fitness app Centr, which is where the basis of this home workout comes from. “Haven’t seen any home workouts out lately, so wanted to be the first to get one out there. Here’s one from @centrfit and is part of our Centr 6 program. Hope you enjoy it,” Hemsworth wrote in an Instagram post to his near 40 million followers.

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But unlike the barbell and dumbbell exercises we were expecting, Chris Hemsworth’s home workout is designed for the equipment-less. Dropping the weights, Hemsworth and Zocchi demonstrate how to use household items such a laundry detergent and clothes baskets to get a filthy arm pump.

The Chris Hemsworth home workout is essentially a full-body circuit. Each exercise is done for six reps and six sets. The workout consists of;

  • burpee curl presses;
  • tricep extensions;
  • squats;
  • mountain climbers; and
  • sit throughs.

Keeping your body in check during this lockdown period isn’t easy, and Chris Hemsworth has been proactive in addressing the issue. Just last week, the Aussie superstar extended the one-week trial for his fitness app Centr to six.

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General FAQ

How do I get Chris Hemsworth workout?

Chris Hemsworth's homewokrk requires no equipment. The workout is done for six reps ad six sets of burbee curl presses, tricep extensions, squats, mountain climbers and sit throughs.

Is Chris Hemsworth workout app good?

Chris Hemsworth's workout app Centr has varied and delicious recipies, challenging workouts and engaging mindfulness exercises.