Jason Statham Diet and Workoutplan

Jason Statham’s Diet and Workout Plan

The Jason Statham diet and workout plan isn’t a specific routine as much as it is a constantly evolving set of training regimens. However, don’t take that to mean his approach toward fitness isn’t rooted in maximum discipline. On the contrary, the Transporter star is a dedicated beast, pushing himself up to six days a week and staying the course for all seven.

That’s not to mention Jason Statham’s MMA training background, which continues to inform his outlook on just about everything, including LeBron James’ Insane Diet & Workout Plan. We know what they say about Hollywood trickery, but don’t get it twisted: this dude is the real deal.

Jason Statham

Indeed, just a brief glance at Statham’s career will tell you that the man is a pillar of physical prowess and deft agility. From his early days as a footballer and diver up to movies like Death Race and Furious 7, he’s retained a considerably healthy physique. That’s definitely still the case, as audiences will soon discover in the upcoming Hobbs and Shaw. Equally spry and muscular at the age of 51, he cuts a figure that any man half his age would love to possess.

According to former trainer Logan Hood, Statham tackles specific exercise programs based on a wide variety of both internal and external factors. To that end, anything from sleeping patterns to pending movie roles can dictate the exact parameters of his current workout routine. Nevertheless, we can provide a snapshot of the Jason Statham diet and workout plan, which is just as intense as you’d expect it to be.

Healthy Diet

Jason Statham Diet Plan

So you just watched Death Race or The Mechanic and you’re asking yourself, “Does this guy have an ounce of body fat?” Until about 2007, the answer might have been, “barely.” That was right before Statham took his diet and workout plan to even greater extremes, dropping 17 pounds in the process. He’s been pretty much all skin and muscle ever since. Now for the next obvious question: what’s his secret?

It should come as no surprise that Jason Statham is all about preserving lean muscle mass and keeping his metabolism in high gear. For the actor, that means eating as much healthy food as he possibly can. Think nuts, oats, fish, and chicken, and you’re heading in the right direction. Naturally, protein plays a big role, though Statham is also partial to steamed veggies, brown rice, and miso soup.

By the actor’s own estimation (according to an old interview), about 95 per cent of the food he consumes is “good,” though he also allows for the occasional indulgence like chocolate. When he does consume sugary or starchy foods, it’s during the daytime so that the calories burn off before he goes to bed. Along similar lines, he doesn’t eat anything after 7 PM. Meanwhile, he just says no to crappy fried food, and drinks at least three litres of water per day.

Here’s a sample of Jason Statham’s meal plan, which he implemented while preparing for movies like Death Race and Transporter 2:


  • Fresh Fruit – Fruits such as pineapples and strawberries might taste too good to be true, but they do indeed deliver plenty of health benefits.
  • Oats – Rich in soluble fibre and antioxidants, oats make for a nutritious way to start your day. They also help lower your cholesterol levels.
  • Poached Eggs – Statham’s earliest protein infusion comes by way of poached eggs. Sure, eggs have cholesterol, but that’s what the oats are for.


  • Brown Rice – Here’s a shocking turn of events: Statham partakes in the occasional vegan lunch. Apparently, he’s a huge fan of brown rice. Not that we blame him.
  • Steamed Vegetables – A generous serving of steamed vegetables is something that no health nut would argue with, especially if that means arguing with Jason Statham.
  • Miso Soup – According to the actor, “there’s nothing better than” a hot bowl of miso soup.


  • Peanut Butter – There are usually 2g or less of sugar in all-natural peanut butter. You did buy all-natural, right? Right?!
  • Nuts – Almonds, cashews, and walnuts are just a few types of nuts that deliver plenty of nutritious bang for your bite.


  • Lean Beef – Statham loads up on protein come night time, which means chowing down on a lean steak.
  • Chicken – Chicken is another dinnertime essential in the Statham household.
  • Fish – We’re not sure if Statham eats his beef, chicken, and fish in one sitting, but we are sure that his body can handle it.
  • Salad – Statham eats his leafy greens and veggies without anyone forcing him too. If only we could all learn from his example.

Jason Statham working out

Jason Statham Workout Plan

As we said before, there’s really no such thing as a set Jason Statham workout plan. Instead, there’s a rotating door of situation-contingent fitness programs. It was one of these programs that his former trainer recently shared, offering a direct glimpse into the action star’s broader regimen. The routine was designed with Statham’s physical abilities in mind, and he presumably put it into effect while training for Hobbs and Shaw and other upcoming films.

Because this workout plan was engineered specifically for the actor, you shouldn’t necessarily adopt it yourself. We know, we know: how are you going to obtain Jason Statham abs and muscles if you don’t do exactly what he does? Just proceed with caution and common sense is all we’re trying to say. Also, don’t forget that there are numerous other celebrity diets and workout plans to choose from, each of which will deliver results.

Here’s a 7-day breakdown of one of Jason Statham’s workout plans:

Day 1 – Progression to Deadlift One-rep Max

This involves a series of warm-ups and one-rep bench press exercises, paving the way for a solitary goal: the almighty deadlift (i.e. a one-repetition max of the heaviest weight you can lift at one time).


  • Rowing – Row for 10 minutes on the Concept 2 rowing machine at a pace of under 20 strokes per minute (SPM).
  • Pyramid Circuit – Move from one exercise to the next, without resting. Progress in pyramid-like fashion, performing one rep of each exercise in the first round, and adding a rep onto each subsequent round. When you’ve completed 5 rounds, work your way back down. Perform the following exercises: Press-Up, Ring Pull-ups, Barbell Squat.

Jason Statham Deadlift Workout

Allow us to remind you (again) that the following weights are the ones that Jason Statham uses for his workout. Should you adopt a similar routine, adjust each weight accordingly.

  1. Reps: 10
    Weight: 135 pounds
    Rest: 1 minute
  2. Reps: 5
    Weight: 185 pounds
    Rest: 2 minutes
  3. Reps: 3
    Weight: 235 pounds
    Rest: 3 minutes
  4. Reps: 2
    Weight: 285 pounds
    Rest: 3 minutes
  5. Reps: 1
    Weight: 325 pounds
    Rest: 3 minutes
  6. Reps: 1
    Weight: 350 pounds
    Rest: 3 minutes
  7. Reps: 1
    Weight: 360 pounds
    Rest: 3 minutes
  8. Reps: 1
    Weight: 365 pounds

Cool Down Period

Statham performs 10 minutes of aerial footwork on the trampoline.

Day 2 – Functional Circuit Workout

This intense workout builds metabolism and targets various muscle groups.


  • Rowing – Row for 10 minutes on the Concept 2 rowing machine at a pace of under 20 SPM.
  • Static Hold Circuit – Perform each exercise as a circuit, holding a specific position for 30 seconds and taking no more than 10 seconds between each set. Do 4 rounds in total. Here are the exercises: Ring Dip Hold, Kettlebell Farmer Hold, L-Sit on Parallettes or Dips Bars, Bodyweight Squat Hold.

Big Five 55 Workout

Statham alternates between 5 exercises and performs the entire circuit 10 times. He starts with 10 reps, then goes down to 9, then 8, and so on, making for a grand total of 55 reps per exercise. There should be minimal rest time between each set.

  • Front Squat (95 pounds)
  • Pull-ups
  • Decline Parrallette Pushups
  • Power Cleans
  • Knees to Elbows on the Pull-up Bar

Jason Statham 2

Day 3 – Interval Work on a Concept 2 Rowing Machine


  • Rowing – Row for 10 minutes on the Concept 2 rowing machine at a pace of under 20 SPM.


Statham’s workout consists of six intervals of 500 metres, with 3 minutes of rest between each 500-metre sprint. Not to intimidate you, but here are Statham’s recent times:

  • Sprint 1. 1:40.1
  • Sprint 2. 1:39.7
  • Sprint 3. 1:43.9
  • Sprint 4. 1:41.6
  • Sprint 5. 1:38.7
  • Sprint 6. 1:50.3

Cool Down Period

To cool down, Statham picks up two 70-pound kettlebells and performs a farmer carry for 500 metres.

Day 4 – Set Work

This workout is dedicated to front squats, which assist with total-body conditioning.


  • Rowing – Row for 10 minutes on the Concept 2 rowing machine at a pace of under 20 SPM.
  • Bodyweight Squats – 20 reps


Perform 5 sets of 5 reps of front squats. Statham utilises a weight that’s 105% of his actual body weight.

  1. Reps: 5
    Weight: 175 pounds
    Rest: 90 seconds
  2. Reps: 5
    Weight: 175 pounds
    Rest: 90 seconds
  3. Reps: 5
    Weight: 175 pounds
    Rest: 90 seconds
  4. Reps: 5
    Weight: 175 pounds
    Rest: 90 seconds
  5. Reps: 5
    Weight: 175 pounds

Cool Down Period

Statham performs 200 ladder push-ups with his trainer. If you don’t have a partner or trainer, take measured pauses between each push-up, as if going “1 for 1” with someone else.

Day 5 – Cumulative Movements

Here’s another metabolism booster that targets the entire body. However, it entails just one total round in lieu of circuit training.


  • Rowing – Row for 10 minutes on the Concept 2 rowing machine at a pace of under 20 SPM.
  • Bear Crawl and Crab Walk – Perform a bear crawl for 15 metres and then switch to crab walk for 15 metres. Stop when you’ve completed 75 metres of each exercise.


Finish one exercise before moving onto the next. When you’ve completed the entire circuit, the workout is over.

  1. 7-metre Fat Rope Climbs
    Weight: Body
  2. Front Squats
    Weight: 185 pounds
  3. Ball Slams
    Weight: 30 pounds
  4. 15-metre Rope Pulls
    Weight: 90 pounds
  5. Bench Press
    Weight: 175 pounds
  6. Ball Slams
    Reps: 10
    Weight: 25 pounds
  7. Pull-ups
    Weight: Body
  8. Dips
    Weight: Body
  9. Ball Slams
    Weight: 20 pounds
  10. Resisted Fat Rope Pulls
    Weight: Body
  11. Whip Smashes

Day 6 – Contextual Effort

This day is all about finding a physical activity you enjoy. It can be hiking, playing sports, swimming, or anything else that increases endurance and gets the blood flowing. What’s important is that you perform the activity for a full hour without interruption.


Statham goes for a 73-minute trail run in the mountains.

Day 7 – Rest

You earned it.

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General FAQ

What does Jason Staham eat?

Jason Statham has a very healthy diet of things like fish, chicken, oats and nuts. While consuming alot of protein he also consumes veggies and brown rice.

What is the height and weight of Jason Statham?

Jason Statham's height is 1.78 meters and his weight is 77kg.


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