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Musashi energy drink

Train Harder & Recover Faster With Musashi’s All-In-One Energy Drink

If you put in the effort, you deserve to see results. Far too often, hard-earned gains are ruined by poor nutrition that fails to nourish the body properly. One of the big swole-stalling culprits is popular energy drinks – usually packed with sugar and other nasty’s – that only do your hard work a disservice. Luckily, the supplement kings at Musashi have created an all-in-one sugar-free energy drink that supports performance, assists muscle recovery and aids mental focus. So whether you’re on the field on in the gym, Musashi Energy has you covered with the best ingredients in every can.

Musashi energy drink 2

Energy and Focus

Containing 160mg of caffeine per serve, Musashi Energy is loaded with energy to keep you motivated during the toughest of sweat sessions. Additionally, 300mg of N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine has been included to support cognitive health and assist mental function during high levels of stress. If it’s the final minutes of the game or those last couple of reps on the bench, trust Musashi Energy to have you back down the stretch.


Pushing yourself to the limit leads to acid accumulation which can result in early muscle fatigue. That’s why Musashi Energy uses beta-alanine to reduce that dreaded ‘muscle burn’ feeling and increase your internal buffering capacity. In fact, studies show that if regularly included in a training program, healthy individuals can improve the number of repetitions on a flat-bench press by 53%, reduce muscle soreness, and improve recovery by 40% over a 24-48 hour period post-training.

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Not only will Musashi Energy aid production, but each serve also contains 1000mg of BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids – leucine, isoleucine and valine), triggering recovery before you even start exercising, helping to prevent muscle breakdown. Consuming BCAAs before exercise helps to reduce muscle tissue breakdown and fights fatigue during training. They also possess endurance performance-enhancing benefits due to their ability to be oxidized and used as fuel by the muscle.

Here at Man of Many, we want you to treat your body like the sports car it is – and sports cars only use the finest of fuels. So next time you want to hit the accelerator, pick up Musashi Energy and give your motor the love it deserves.

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