Nike’s New Yoga Collection Brings Zen to the Swoosh

With all the sports and gear that Nike has been involved with, it seems like a major oversight that they haven’t come out with a line of yoga gear yet.

But Nike / yoga fans can now rejoice—Nike’s new yoga collection is here.

man sitting in yoga outfit

Citing the benefits of yoga for athletes—benefits like strength, stability, improving endurance, and becoming more flexible—Nike announced that they are finally stepping up to meet the demand for Nike yoga gear.

nike's yoga outfit

The sports brand also noted that many competitive athletes use yoga to stay at the top of their game, specifically, their announcement mentioned track and field sprinter Christian Coleman, WNBA player Alana Beard, NBA players Channing Frye and Kevin Love, professional soccer player Christen Press, U.S. Paralympian Scout Bassett, and NFL players Khalil Mack and Larry Fitzgerald.

man in yoga pose

The line will include apparel for both men and women, including tights, form-fitting tanks and long sleeve tops. The clothes have been engineered to provide eases of movement, versatility, and support, and the come in nature-inspired colours.

nike's yoga pose

The line also looks to take a big chunk out of yoga apparel giant Lululemon’s market—especially since Nike’s apparel will be coming in at a lower price.

yoga collection

And don’t forget about the Nike Training Club app, which will include an “Enhance Your Training with Yoga” section.

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