Rage Yoga Rocks the Mat

“Some people really prefer the very calm, quiet, serene feel that you find in a lot of yoga studios and online videos,” explains Lindsay, founder of Rage Yoga, but that’s not what Rage Yoga is. Rage Yoga is alternative yoga for those that want a bit more edge to what they’re doing. “Some people find it easier to get centered in the middle of louder music stuffed with sweet guitar riffs, or they find it easier to get centered after letting out some bad ass war cries, or letting go of the f-bomb that you’ve been holding onto all day. Those are the people that we made Rage Yoga for.”

Rage Yoga’s purpose is to empower people, and making them feel that they can own each and every day. This is accomplished by working through whatever is holding you back—physically or mentally. That’s not to say that regular yoga can’t do the same for you, but, as Lindsay explains, “The super serene and ultra calm environment works well for a lot of people but it made me feel like I was standing in a library full of gymnasts! I knew I wasn’t alone.” As Lindsay developed Rage Yoga, she found a stronger connection between her body and mind, and she learned how to slow down her thoughts, feel good in and about her body, and overcome challenges.

Maybe flowers and peace aren’t your thing, so replace it with rock and roll and barbarianism as you work on your center.

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