RIDM is the World’s First Portable Analysis of Body Fat

Weight, steps-taken, calories burned, sleep and heart rate are all critical factors in measuring health. Although research shows that body composition, or a healthy balance of body fat, is the ultimate sign of good health and physical fitness. It becomes increasingly important when you reach the age of 30. My doctor says so.

RIDM is the world’s first portable device capable of analysing body composition, or body fat with accuracy equivalent to professional-grade analysis machines. This tiny device fits in the palm of your hand and scans and tracks changes to body fat, skeletal muscle mass and body imbalances. In seconds, RIDM will help you understand just how hard you need to hit that treadmill, along with reasons why you should cut back on the beer.

Developed with the support of LG Electronics, RIDM is just $59 USD and operates to the equivalent of larger machines costing around $20,000.

ridm measures body fat

Individuals with high body fat and low muscle mass will be vulnerable to health risks. Even if you are at a healthy weight, a beer belly means an excess of visceral fat, which can increase the risk of heart disease and type-2 diabetes. My doctor used those exact words during my last visit. High body fat can also decrease immunity and result in rapid ageing.

This type of analysis measures body composition on the cellular level. RIDM sends a small alternating current through the body tracking electrical resistance. It measures total body water as the resistance fluctuates based on the amount of water in the body. From this measurement, fat-free body mass, body weight and body fat can all be derived.

The results are forwarded to the companion app and displayed in an intuitive one-screen health report. RIDM can pin-point imbalances in the body while also accounting for total water weight, skeletal muscle mass and basal metabolic rate.

ridm body fat analysis with hands

Monitor changes and set goals through the RIDM app. Health data is broken down by category into easy to follow charts and graphs. By tracking changes to your body, learn what diet and exercises are most effective, specific to your body composition. Sync to Google Health, iHealth app or FitBit and activity logs will be displayed directly on the RIDM companion app.

RIDM is a simple, painless and cost-effective way to get an accurate reading on your health without receiving a scolding from the doctor. Wish I knew of this before my last visit. The RIDM team is raising funds for its body composition tracker on Kickstarter. The early bird units are all gone, but $59 is still a great price. If successfully funded, RIDM is expected to ship out December 2018.

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ridm portable body fat analysis

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