The Suunto 3 Fitness Watch is Both Stylish and Affordable

Suunto has revealed (almost) everything you could want to know about its latest fitness-tracking watch, which the Finnish brand describes as a more affordable option for active individuals who keep a watchful eye on their health and well being.

The Suunto 3 Fitness watch appears simple yet elegant. It delivers training guidance based on your fitness level and adapts to training rhythms, inspiring you to keep moving.

Suunto 3 Fitness will debut with 5 different models. The Black, Ocean and Sakura versions feature polished stainless steel bezels and are priced at $278. The Gold and All Black variants present gold or black-painted stainless steel bezels and will retail for $299.

5 different models in suunto 3 fitness watch

That’s a decent price when you compare it to fitness watches like Garmin’s Forerunner priced at $599, although it’s on par with the Samsung Gear Sport and the recently announced Fitbit Versa, so you might want to compare the ins-and-outs of each watch before purchasing. For example, there’s currently no word on whether Sunnto 3 Fitness supports music, or payments, so that’s something to consider.

What can it do? Suunto 3 Fitness automatically creates seven-day training plans based on your fitness level and exercise history. If you miss an exercise or do more than planned, the fitness watch adapts your program accordingly, so you don’t need to stress about changing a routine.

suunto 3 fitness cycling and gym watch

“Our goal is to equip and inspire everyone to lead an active lifestyle, regardless of their sports level or background, and with Suunto 3 Fitness our sports expertise and watch craftsmanship is made available for an even wider audience,” says Sami Arhomaa, Suunto Head of Portfolio.

Suunto 3 Fitness offers 24/7 activity tracking for steps and calories, plus easy-to-follow summaries of your daily activity. Built-in sports modes include running, swimming, cycling, gym training and Suunto promises many more will be supported. Suunto 3 Fitness is water resistant to 30m and has impressive 5-day battery life.

The fitness watch can track the quality of your sleep, indicating how it supports your recovery, and real-time guidance of heart rate zones makes sure you’re training at the right intensity and not straining yourself to dangerous levels.

suunto 3 fitness serves as a beautifully designed

Connect to a smartphone for calls, text, calendar and watch functions. The upcoming redesigned Suunto app will log all activities and manage weekly goals.

“It has always been Suunto’s principle to design watches that are a joy to wear all day, and Suunto 3 Fitness is no exception. It serves as a beautifully designed timepiece from the gym to the office,” adds Sami Arhomaa.

Suunto 3 Fitness arrives in Australia April 25, Anzac Day. So after you’ve dusted off your hangover, take those Two-up winnings and put them towards something useful, like your health. You can pick one up in-store or online.

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suunto 3 fitness watch gold and black painted

suunto black painted watch is well degined

suunto watch polished stainless steel suunto pink color watch look beautiful

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