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Why You Don’t Need a Gym to Get Your Summer Body

You think you need it, but you don’t. I know the feeling; I was trapped too. I thought the only way to achieve a body I could be proud of was by going to the gym and throwing around the weights. I’m here to tell you, you don’t need it. It’s now being 3 and a bit years since I stepped into a gym for a “traditional” weight lifting session.

Like most men, I lead a busy life. I have a young family, I work, I want to have a social life and I also want a bit of “me” time. Amongst all that, I want to look and feel good. Who doesn’t right? So, with all the normal life stuff going on, dragging myself to the gym didn’t only become a chore, but it became painfully boring. Throw the niggling injuries into the mix and the fact I felt like my body hadn’t changed for years, I was fed up. So, I quit.

Here’s why you don’t need a gym to get your summer body.

You have a gym all around you, you just need to know how to use it. See, my body became my gym. The environment around me became my gym, and the results were INSANE! Our bodies provide us with enough resistance to build muscle and get into the best shape of your life. I’ve done it, my wife has done it, and thousands of people around the world who have followed my bodyweight training methods have done it. We aren’t any different to you.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to have the freedom to workout anywhere? To be unrestricted in your exercise. To get home from work and have more time with the family rather than spending it in an overcrowded gym! Bodyweight training allows you to train on your terms. It also allows you to constantly mix up your environment if you wish, which goes a long way in keeping you interested and motivated. If you can train in your living room one day, your backyard the next, the local park the next or by the beach the day after, not only will you see how variety is the spice of life but how much more joy it gives you!

Bodyweight training also allows you to work your body in a way it is supposed to, you’re not locked into a one size fits all machine, forcing you to move in patterns that are not overly natural nor functionally related to everyday life! Bodyweight training gives you the ability to incorporate both strength, core and cardio training at the same time, so it’s more time-efficient too! My workouts have gone from 90-minute sessions to intense 30-45 minute sessions where I was pouring sweat and really knew I had done a workout.

If you’re in a plateau, time-poor, or just want to try something different that will challenge you in ways you never thought possible – give bodyweight training a go. Don’t be afraid of losing whatever muscle you have built up over the years – trust me, I had that fear too, but I backed my knowledge and within 4 months of quitting the gym, I had never looked and felt better!

Not sure how to structure your workouts, or master certain moves? Check out BODYWEIGHT BUILT where I can personally coach you to achieving your dream body, without needing a gym!