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Metisse Restaurant Review: ‘The Journey’

Located in the heart of Potts Point lies French fine dining restaurant Métisse. Founded in 2019 by Chef Opel Khan and his wife Julie, they have succeeded in their goal to offer a premium yet approachable degustation experience rivalling any in Sydney. With a menu comprised of contemporary Australian influenced French cuisine, there’s a very welcoming yet elevated feeling to every dish on the menu.

Metisse ‘The Journey’ Degustation

Courses: Seven
: 145
Wine Pairing: 95
Premium Wine Pairing: 195
Non-alcoholic Pairing: 50
Highlights: Duck à l’Orange, Mosaïque (Yellowfin Tuna), Fruits du Monde

One step inside the beautiful Art Deco building ‘Barcelona’ and you’re welcomed by the restaurant’s high ceilings, contemporary decor, beautiful wooden floors (Opel’s handy-work) and a stunning Muriel cloud chandelier of hand-blown glass as the centrepiece of the room. This is a luxurious restaurant, but it’s the curated culinary adventure that has fine dining enthusiasts flocking.

Metisse tomato puree

Image: Métisse

The Journey begins from the moment you settle into the buttery leather booths. You’re welcomed by an expansive cocktail list where every option poses an expertly crafted, delicious and camera-worthy creation. We opted for the smoked old fashioned which arrives in a glass cloche, acting as the catalyst for a spectacular smoke show as you lift the lid. After grabbing a couple of shots for your friends, you’re ready to start the seven-course degustation beginning with the chef’s selection Amuse-Bouche and the first of many outstanding wines.

Our journey began with a tomato consommé, pureed into a fresh sorbet consistent with sweet zesty flavours. This was accompanied by a white tomato marshmallow and textural crumble and chip. The dish champions Matisse’s zero-waste philosophy where every aspect of the tomato is utilised, from the pulp to the peel. Moving onto the second half of the amuse-bouche, we sampled the Aphrodisiac, an outstanding serving of fresh oysters placed delicately in ceramic ‘shells’ from a local Sydney artist.

Metisse mosaique

Image: Métisse

Moving on to the next part of The Journey, we begin the main courses. Starting with the Asperge Blanche, featuring white asparagus and avocado brioche, the dish continued to pave the way for the experience with its technical layers and textures. But it was the next dish, referred to as the ‘Mosaique’, that really took the journey to a different dimension. Introducing yellowfin tuna, kingfish and trout with a beurre noisette it is a dish that speaks for itself, with an aesthetic that replicates the reflections of mosaic tiles found within Spanish churches and cathedrals.

Keeping to the fish for a moment, we welcomed the Sumon Rossini. A salmon dish with sorrel and sea urchin foie gras. A stand out dish that serves as a reminder for the restaurant’s attention to use only the best fresh seafood. This was followed by the first of two re-imagined French classics, the Coq au vin which is traditionally a dish of braised chicken, wine and vegetables. However, in this case, Chef Opel Khan has deconstructed the traditional, with slow-cooked caramelised chicken and a saffron emulsion that literally melts in your mouth.

Metisse duck with tart

Image: Métisse

The second classic french staple, Duck à l’Orange followed suit. Smoked right at the table, this dish takes duck breast and deconstructs it so the flesh is pink but the skin is crispy. We still can’t decide whether we prefer the duck breast or its partner in crime, the confite leg millefeuille, you’ll have to be the judge!

Finally, the dessert offering by way of a Fruits du Monde. Highlighted by heirloom fruits, and strawberry consommé with a sweetness that juxtaposed the bitterness of the duck and brought ‘The Journey’ full circle, back to the start with the tomato sorbet.

Metisse cocktails

Image: Métisse

This can only be described as the perfect ending to a delicious experience at one of Sydney’s best French fine-dining restaurants. Métisse is sure to leave french cuisine fanatics in awe at the deconstruction of traditions that would only be acceptable with dishes of this magnitude. Flavours, textures, and a taste of old favourites with a new spin.

Service options: Dine-in · No takeaway · No delivery
Address: 5/9 Roslyn St, Potts Point NSW 2011
Hours: Tues-Sat 5:30am-12am, Sun 5pm-12am
Phone: (02) 8590 7698

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